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Rob Portil

How you got started fly fishing? What were/are your strongest fly fishing Influences? What was your most memorable or first fly fishing experience?

I started fly fishing as a kid in my home town Wisconsin with a river running through it. I had no one to teach me so it was many years later (1982) before there were any real influences in my fly fishing life. When I was back in school in computer science at UCLA, I was paging thru the extension catalog and found “Zen and the Art of Fly Fishing” listed as course with Dick Galland camping in Yellowstone for week. We have been friends ever since and it fired the passion for the sport that has kept me fly fishing every spare day since then.

What do you like to fish now? Explain How?

I love trout fishing in small mountain streams almost the exclusion of everything else. The beauty, the challenge, the excitement, the very Zen of it.
What is your fantasy trip? What do you see in the future?

Fantasy trips include New Zeland, Tasmania, and Italy.

Gear. What is your next purchase and why?

An even better digital camera.

What’s your favorite San Francisco spot? Why?

Any of the many great sushi spots; Tataki, and maybe Sushi Ran in Sausalito. Also a big fan of Avatars Indian Food in Sausalito.

What music do you listen to when you hop in the truck and go fly fishing?

Very eclectic music mix on my iPhone (over 4,000 songs). Classical, 70s, Country, and Blues.

What’s your ultimate fly fishing travel rig? A lifted van? A Range Rover? An F-350? Why?

That’s easy: The EarthRoamer ( 8.

Anything else we should know about you? School? Hometown? Other projects, interests, etc.?

I also publish “Fly Fishing Life Magazine” (