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    Seasons of the Steelhead - Will Godfrey

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    Stoecklein Publishing's latest release celebrates the sport and
    tradition of fly fishing for steelhead in the pristine rivers of Idaho,
    Oregon, and Washington. Often a solitary, cold, and damp pursuit,
    steelhead fishing attracts individuals who embrace the mystery and
    challenge of searching for these elusive fish throughout the year,
    patiently waiting for that surge of adrenaline when a steelhead grabs
    the line.

    David Stoecklein's son, Drew, conveys a passion for
    these majestic, beautiful fish with eye-catching photographs of gorgeous
    waters, sparkling fish, and the colorful flies and tireless fishermen
    who hunt for them. Stoecklein's photographs are accompanied by riveting
    essays and journal entries written by legendary fly fisherman and guide,
    Will Godfrey, whose enthusiasm for the quest is captivating and

    Reviewer Title Date Comments Rating
    Best Stillwater Book 3/12/2013 5:55 pm This is the bible of stillwater fishing. Incredibly precise guide to fishing stillwater. I can't reccomend this book enough!