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    Red Truck Diesel Steelhead Spey 7136-4 Outfit

    Item: D-Out-7136
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    The first rains of the year have just come and gone. You rally a few friends to hop in the truck and head to your favorite run. You arrive at the run just as the sun is making its first appearance. Waders are put on and rods are rigged. You pass around the flask ceremoniously before you step into the water. Your first cast feels good and the second even better. The flow of the spey cast and the beauty of your surroundings inspire you to yell to your buddies “What a great day to be alive boys!”


    The Red Truck 13ft 6in 7wt is your Steelhead spey fishing solution, the one best answer for steelhead fishing with a spey rod anywhere. From the mouth of the Klamath to the Deschutes River the Red Truck Balanced Steelhead Spey Outfit will make snake roll and snap T easier. Designed and balanced to cast a the perfect shooting head for steelhead; a 540 grain skagit


    The Red Truck Diesel “Steelhead Spey” Fly Rod: Our largest Steelhead rod, at 13 foot 6 inch for a 7 weight, this rod is balanced to cast everything from large Squidros to Ska-hoppers effortlessly to their target. This is our favorite spey rod.


    ·         A great rod starts with the grip. Red Trucks switch grip is not only ergonomic but enhances feel and efficiency of casting and fishing.

    ·         Versatile design allows you to cast dry flies and heavy intruders.

    ·         Sanded and precision fit ferules, where the rod pieces come together, allow for repairs in just 3 days and eliminates the need for you to ship the entire rod back to us.

    ·         The extra length makes long casts and mending much easier.  

    ·         Powerful mid section and butt for ease of picking up heavy flies and tips.

    ·         Hand made with incredible craftsmanship and premium components.

    ·         Comes with extra tip for streamside insurance.


    The Red Truck Diesel Reel: A perfect match for the Red Truck Steelhead Spey Fly Rod is our Red Truck Diesel Fly Reel. Taking notes from the reels our grandfathers used this reel is durable, simple, and elegant.


    ·         The click and pawl drag system provides perfect amount of tension to fight large fish.

    ·         Machined from solid bar stock aluminum this reel will be appreciated for generations to come.

    ·         Whether you are pulling off line or hooked up on a fish this reel screams fly fishing.

    ·         Unlike most cork and sealed drags the drag system in this reel is not affected by cold temperatures.


    The Lines:  This outfit comes balanced with a running line, a 540 gr skagit head, and set of medium MOW Tips. These lines enhance the feel and performance of your outfit.


    ·         No stretch design allows for efficient casting and hook sets.

    ·         Made out of Polyurethane which is incredibly durable and can with stand exposure to sunscreen, gas and diesel. All other fly lines are made from PVC which horrible for the environment.

    ·         Short taper that excels when casting large flies and heavy tips.

    ·         Interchangeable design allows you to easily change tips or heads for water conditions


    When you put this all together you have an outfit that is incredibly easy to fish, mend, and cast. This outfit comes fully rigged, ready to fish, and includes an extra tip. You are in for a treat when you experience a truly balanced outfit with the Red Truck Steelhead Spey Outfit.


    Where will your Red Truck take you?

    Steelhead Nymph Fly Rod


    • Diesel 7136-4 Spey Rod
    • Red Truck Diesel CHROME Spey Reel
    • Airflo Running Line 20lb
    • Airflo 540 Skagit Head
    • Extra Tip
    • Tungsten Sink Tip Kit
    • Umpqua Leaders
    • Rigged and ready to fish
    Reviewer Title Date Comments Rating
    Red Truck Spey 9/18/2013 3:06 pm I borrowed my friend’s Red Truck Spey for a trial and after just one cast; I fell in love with the rig. I found this spey thing to be simply miraculous. I was delighted as I discovered the multiple benefits of this long fishing rod. I was able to cover greater distances of water and dredge greater depths in less than half the normal time. I really liked the thoughtfully designed cork grip that made my experiences comfortable. Now, I have my own Leland spey. The entire set contains 4 pieces and I found all the components to be finely crafted and designed. My fishing experience with the Red Truck Spey has been really awesome and I strongly recommend it to all my fly fishing comrades.
    Steelhead Nut 7/17/2013 11:21 am Red Truck fly fishing has always been a craze amongst avid fishermen like me. I have always been curious about the latest fishing equipments launched by this brand. I personally felt that the Red Truck Diesel spey has been crafted keeping in mind the most important parts of the steelhead fly rod. They have taken care of the grip, the cork, the case, the action and given it a raw, stainless, timeless look as well. The length and weight of this fishing rod is perfect for a one rod quiver. Those of you wanting to explore greater rivers while fishing must use this new Red Truck spey. As a regular shopper on Red Truck fly fishing, I strongly feel that their products have been constantly updated for an overall fishing experience. They are steelhead nuts and so am I. Catch one for me!
    Great Rod 7/8/2013 2:41 pm Lots of rods to consider theses days. I've owned many two handers for special rivers I fish. I wanted a rod that could do it all from Scandi to Skagit, summer to winter. I'd never heard of Red Truck until my buddy told me. I checked out the site, called the guys and got more infomation. I ended up ordering the whole kit with lines, reel and all. It's really good stuff. Been fishing it now for two seasons and I canot complain. The reel sure sounds great when I hook up. If you want a great all-around two-hand kit for steelhead, this is a solid choice.
    Spey is the way 4/24/2013 12:15 pm Casts both skagit and scandi really well. I love my Red Truck Spey rod. Highly recommended.