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    Simms Wet Wading Sock

    Item: HIW109-31
    Colors Available:
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    Availability: In Stock Ready to Fish. Ships Next Business Day.
    Price: $19.95
    Special Price: $12.97 – $15.96
    Leland on the Simms Wet Wading Sock
    • Simms Wet Wading Socks! No matter whose or which type of wading boot you wear if you cannot keep crushed shells or small sand particles from getting in, your feet are going to suffer. Simms Wet Wading Sock have just the right amount of elastic ribbing to keep the grit out without cutting off the circulation. You have to know if they are Simms socks then they are going to comfortable, wet or dry. So even if you never step into the water your tootsies are going to be comfortable. Christmas Island here we come!
    • No matter if it is crushed coral or crushed river pebbles anything other than Simms Wet Wading Socks, between your piggies and your wading boots hurts. With 68% Polyester/31% Nylon/1% Lycra Spandex these great wet wading socks have just the right amount of stretch, softness, and wicking to protect the sensitive areas of your feet. The exterior nylon weave extends the life of these socks while the terry looped interior filters girt providing the comfort. The elastic ribbing at the ankles and heels provide a secure fit that helps prevent bunching or sliding. The Simms Wet Wading Sock has a break-point at the lower calf for a natural fold point to cover your wading boots. When it comes to wet wading, either on the stream or a saltwater flat you will want, no, you need the Simms Wet Wading Socks.
    Simms Wet Wading Sock
    • 68% Polyester/31% Nylon/1% Lycra Spandex
    • Polyester interior provides superior wicking
    • Nylon woven to exterior for longer wear
    • Terry loop interior filters sand and mud
    • Break-point at lower calf creates a natural point to fold over wading boot
    • Elastic ribbing at ankles and heel provide a secure fit
    • Approximate weight: 5oz
    • Color: Sand
    • Sizes: S (Men's 6-8), M (Men’s 8-10), L (Men’s 10-12), XL (Men’s 12-13)
    Reviewer Title Date Comments Rating
    Bulkley Jacket Review 1/28/2013 4:12 pm I have worn this jacket only a few weeks but love it already. In Eastern Oregon it gets cold and this thing is made for the high desert! It's comfortable and warm. Great addition to my gear. Thanks Simms!
    SimmsFan 1/28/2013 4:11 pm Just got delivery of my Bulkley Jacket. Very nice! My only concern is the lack of hand warmer pockets on the front. Very lightweight, but will keep you very warm. Good product despite the lack of front pockets.
    Toasty! 1/28/2013 4:11 pm This jacket really is absolutely amazing! Got to the river and the temp read 17° I had a thin base layer and my guide shirt. I put on the bulkley jacket and suited up. After getting ready I realized I was actually too hot. I started to take of my jacket and the client asked me what I was doing. I explained I just got this really cool new jacket from simms and I was actually sweating. I wore the bulkley with a thin base layer all day with temps only reaching 40° and wind coming in at 30 at least. The Primaloft is incredible technology and during the cold times this will be my go to jacket.
    Guide Jacket or Winter Coat? 1/28/2013 4:10 pm This jacket is amazing! It's replaced my winter coat and will be in my pack all season in Alaska when I'm not wearing it just in case the temps drop! Primaloft is really great stuff! Noticed a few reviews complained about no hand warming pockets but they are there under your front chest pockets. This jacket is pretty well true to size. I'm about 6 ft 190 and Large fits perfect. I have worn this jacket extensively now in temps down to 15 degrees with just a light baselayer (Like a fleece) and the cold didn't bother me at all. I also appreciate that it really doesn't scream wading jacket and can be worn just as a cold weather jacket. Love the black as well.
    Comfortable/warm 1/28/2013 4:09 pm Very warm and comfortable love the velcro on the sleeves.Its dec. now and I am still using my Bulkley in northern New Brunswick.
    Bulkley: Warm, not bulky 1/28/2013 4:09 pm Okay, you folks in Alaska, Montana, Idaho and all those other godforsaken cold places may look down your frostbitten noses at those of us in the mountains of Western North Carolina, but we are fluent in cold, too. The Bulkley works. When you first try it on, you may tell yourself "Geez, I paid a lot of money for this featherweight." No, you made a wise investment. Over my ProGuide G4s, with this jacket I'm comfortable in wind, rain and cold. No complaints at all.
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