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    Red Truck 1953 Fly Rod Combo, 4 Piece, 590-4

    Item: 1953-590-Combo
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    Availability: In Stock Ready to Fish. Usually Ships 3 - 10 Business Days.
    Price: $299.00
    Special Price: $299.00

    Red Truck 1953 All Purpose Trout Outfit

    Red Truck's 1953 Trout Fly Fishing Outfit was born from 30 years of retail experience assisting beginning fly anglers with their desire to own a responsibly-priced, balanced outfit that was worthy of ownership. With this in mind we began the lengthy process of designing the balanced outfit we knew should exist. After four years of testing, refining and testing again, the 1953 All Purpose Trout Outfit was born.

    Performance is a term overused when it comes to fly rod design. Our goal at Red Truck is efficiency, both in casting and catching. Take our 1953 fly rod for instance. Of course it's crafted from all the right materials, but more importantly it's what we do with these materials that counts. Our nine foot five weight 1953 is well-balanced, stable, plush and again...efficient. This approach simply means that every cast is enjoyable and accurate. And when you put the fly where you want'll catch more fish!

    Even the best fly rod can lose some of its magic when paired with an incorrect fly line. That's why we put in the extra effort to tirelessly search for and field test fly lines until we found the correct fly line for our all purpose trout fly rod. Our Red Truck Trout weight-forward five weight fly line is butter-smooth when casting and floats like a cork on the water. It has the right taper to enjoy dry fly, nymph and even smaller streamer fishing, making this the perfect line for any fly angler wishing to adjust his or her technique to the ever-changing angling conditions.

    You've probably heard it before, “A fly reel just holds your fly line.” Although there is some truth to this statement, like a lot of things in life, there's more to it. The right fly reel will balance physically with the fly rod, adding efficiency and casting enjoyment to the experience. Our Red Truck Premium fly reel takes it even further adding increased fishing function in the form of a large arbor spool. Even when fishing for trout, the added benefits of faster line retrieve, less line coiling and a constant drag are obvious. Furthermore, our Red Truck Premium trout reel is fully-machined and anodized for a long life on the water and its adjustable disc-drag system is butter-smooth and super strong. This fly reel is built for business.

    When combined, the smartly-designed components that create our Red Truck 1953 All Purpose Trout Outfit, prove that the whole can indeed be more than the sum of parts. You'll enter the world of fly fishing for trout with an outfit worthy of ownership and your limited time on the water.

    Finally, you can stow your Red Truck 1953 fly rod (with reel attached) easily in our nylon-covered protective tube. Not only is this convenient for travel, you'll be ready at a moment's notice to hit the water with the right gear for the job.

    Leland on Red Truck Fly Fishing Company With all the fly fishing tackle available today, why would Red Truck Fly Fishing Company bring to market our own offering of fly fishing gear? Our honest answer is: with over 25 years of face-to-face retail experience with you, our customer, we've learned a few important things... You told us that you were confused with the "over the top" marketing hype manufactured by our industry's big brands. You were baffled by proprietary names for graphite modulus and confused by overly complicated reel drag systems. You told us there were too many bewildering product choices and that you wanted concise answers and recommendations to your questions and fishing needs. When purchasing fly gear, you wanted to feel confident that you were making a smart investment in a product that would not be replaced next year with a "newer" version. In essence, you wanted stuff that works and was worth your hard-earned money! At Red Truck, we've listened to you and leveraged our staff's combined 300 plus years of fly fishing experience to design equipment that is strictly necessary and that raises your level of enjoyment from purchase to use. We tested this gear with hard-working, no-nonsense, professional guides who rely on their tackle in the same way as a carpenter d'es his hammer. With each project, we always asked ourselves, "D'es this product deserve to exist?" Our Red Truck fly rods embody this honest thinking. Unlike some fly rod brands that employ a myopic marketing campaign, stating their rod is the lightest, at Red Truck, we focus on the big picture. We believe in the essential characteristics of a truly good rod: balance, minimal swing weight, true-tracking, stability and efficiency. The result of this balanced rod design approach is a selection of fly rods that are a joy to cast and fish. For our Red Truck Fly Reels, we took the same angle. Instead of inventing a new marketing slant or a hyper-technical pitch, we designed reels that speak to the core reason most of us fly fish: simplicity. We wanted to offer reels that get the job done, look good while doing it and last a long time. Take apart our Red Truck Premium fly reel and you'll know in a glance how the drag systems work and more importantly, why they won't fail. Sure, all our Red Truck equipment employs the latest in quality materials and manufacturing. Heck, we even work in titanium when necessary. But we never push any unproven concept or pseudo-technology, especially when we deem it unnecessary. At Red Truck, we believe that fly fishing should be fun and that your fly tackle should always work as intended. We like fishing memories of friends, dusty handshakes, wet dogs, great casts, beautiful places and even a fish or two. We design gear that takes you into the outdoors and gets the job done in the field, every time.
    Reviewer Title Date Comments Rating
    awesome outfit-awesome price 3/24/2014 1:59 pm I bought this outfit for a spare but it quickly became my go to rod. Buy it. You won't regret it.
    First Outfit! 11/15/2013 2:28 pm Stumbled upon this outfit when looking for my first set up. I wanted something under $300 bucks so I called and talked to one of the good folks at Leland. Long story short, I got the combo and could not be happier. The reel alone in my opinion is worth $299. Been practicing in my backyard and can't wait to try it out in the spring. Thanks!
    Gave as gift, want it back 11/7/2013 4:46 pm I bought this for a buddy who did some work for me and knew he wanted to get into fly fishing. Turns out when you give fly fishing as a gift a casting lesson is probably a good idea. Over to his house I go and all I can say is this rod is sick. In the good way. I was expecting a little less performance but I would happily trade this for my rod. Thinking about it now. Why 4 stars? I think the tube makes it look cheaper than it really is but I know some like this style to keep the reel ready to go.