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About Red Truck Fly Fishing (Rods, Reels, Gear, etc.)

The team behind Red Truck fly rods, gears and other fishing products is an interesting collection to say the least. Most have worked as professional fly fishing guides, most are master casting instructors, skilled fly tiers and experienced fly industry people. A few core values bond us together. We love to fly fish with good friends and good dogs. We like long road trips in trusty trucks that lead us to new water and experiences. We like to share fishing stories around a campfire, sip some cold beers and whisky and sleep under the stars.

We build fly fishing gear for a lifetime of adventures.  Fly fishing is the vehicle that will take you to the most beautiful places in the world.  Like a beloved old pickup, we want you to not only be reminded of past adventures when you look at your Red Truck rod, but dream of your next trip.   

The team behind finding Red Truck fly rods 

Red Truck fly rods are the culmination of a group of guys hard set on building their favorite fly rods. This was no easy task considering the group of guys. 3 years later and MANY days testing (this is the fun part) we released the Red Truck Diesel Series of rods.

Our design criteria:

   •    Cast Great- A fly rod should be efficient and easy to cast. Our rods are calibrated to cast the perfect size loop for the fishing situation.

   •    Built with a Purpose- We designed all of our rods to have a specific fishing application. For example our 8 foot 6 inch 4 weight is designed specifically for dry fly fishing.

   •    Durability- There is no worse sound than ***SNAP*** our rods have a snake belly finish that dramatically increases the rods durability. Our unique ferrules (where the pieces come together) are sanded and not painted. This increases friction and keeps the rod from coming loose and breaking.

   •    Premium Components- We searched the globe for the best cork, guides, and threads that money can buy.

   •    Cosmetics- A fly rod should look like a fly rod, not a rally car. Our gun smoke finish, matte grey blanks, and burl wood reel seats are not only beautiful but reduce the risk of spooking fish with rod glare.

   •    Repairs- Repairs should be fast and easy! We build our rods so precisely that we can ship you a replacement section thus eliminating the horrible repair times of most rod brands. 3 days and you are fishing again. 90% of breaks occur in the tip; which is why we recommend you purchase and extra tip with your Red Truck Rod.

With all of this in mind it is no wonder why our gear was featured in Men’s journal as one of 50 perfect things.

Where will your Red Truck take you?

Features and Benifits

Red Truck Fly Rod Warranty

It’s simple:

- If your Red Truck fly rod breaks due to manufacturer defect, of course we will replace the broken section or repair the rod throughout the usable lifetime of your rod

- If you break your Red Truck fly rod due to normal fishing, we ask that you pay the reasonable replacement price (generally $40 per section), comparable to the shipping and handling fees most manufacturers charge, for the section's of the rod you (or your car door, or your four-legged friend) broke.

In other words…

Most fly rod brands build in an extra “insurance” cost on every fly rod they manufacture, knowing that this will cover the cost of the few who abuse their fly rods. For those who take care of their angling equipment, it’s pure profit for “The Man.”

But what about you? You take great care of your fly rods and might never need a breakage warranty “built-in” to the retail cost of the rod.

At Red Truck, we know that fly rods break, but we believe that you should only pay for what you use.