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    Simms Hard Bite: vibram stud, pack of, 20 studs

    Item: 402
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    Price: $29.95
    Special Price: $14.95
    Leland on the Simms HardBite Vibram Sole Studs

    Simms HardBite Vibram Studs are a must-have wading accessory for the fly angler with rubber soled wading boots. Sometimes you just never know what the river bottom conditions are going to like; greasy moss, or slippery boulders. These studs screw directly into the custom receptacles on the Simms 360 degree StreamTread Vibram Soles to give you greatly enhanced traction in difficult wading conditions. You can use these studs in conjunction with the Simms HardBite Star Cleats to customize a stud/cleat pattern for your soles. A hex nut driver is included with each kit so you can easily add, or remove, studs as needed when traveling. Why fall down when you can wade with greater confidence? Soles last longer and grip better. Don't leave home without em.
    • Designed specifically for rubber-soled wading sh'es and boots
    • 45+ Rockwell hard screw
    • 1/4" hex head sharp point screw
    • Welded carbide gripper pellets enhance traction and durability
    • Hex Nut Driver included
    • 24 studs per package
    • Patent pending
    • May be used individually or in combination with HardBite Star Cleats in any pattern that the angler chooses to best fit the wading environment
    • Made in USA
    Simms on Simms Products "Why do professional guides choose Simms? Because we take pride in what we make, and products have been designed to go the distance. Our in-house design team has a combined 50 years of experience in making durable technical outerwear. We work closely with top material suppliers from around the globe, and continually test both our new and old products in the lab and out in the field to make sure we meet or exceed your expectations. Nothing pleases us more than to see our products, like those on the guides featured in out catalog and on our website, go the distance." "The thrill of discovering a pristine stream after a long hike into the backcountry, the exhilarations of being on the flats on one of those incredibly clear days, the rush of a crisp morning on a British Columbia river when the steelies are running, these are the memories that keep us tying through the dark winter months, and always find us plotting our next angling season or weekend. At Simms, we never forget that the goal of every committed angler is to stay on the water as long and has often as possible-regardless of the weather. That's why we never stop looking for new ways to keep you dry and comfortable. Whether you're waist deep in a drizzling snow on the Missouri or scouting the Keys in the sweltering heat of a June afternoon. For 2007, we're delighted to present the new zippered G4 Guide wader, the most technical wader we've ever created. We're also proud to introduce the two most competitive waders under two hundred dollars, the first GORE-TEX wader for kids and a full arsenal of new clothing. So for all those who will be out there earlier, longer and later, we've got just one thing to say: Your Gear is Ready" "Simms. The Choice of Professional Guides Worldwide". Simms on Conservation "IF YOU COULD PASS JUST ONE THING DOWN TO YOUR KIDS, WHAT WOULD IT BE?" "Fishing is dependent on clean water, healthy ecosystems and just as important, people who care about conservation and resource preservation. It is the responsibility of everyone who enjoys angling to help protect and enhance our fresh and saltwater fisheries. After all, what greater inheritance would we leave future generations? Supporting local, regional, and national conservation organizations is certainly an important role that angles can play in caring for our fishing resources. However, one area of vital concern, and one that all anglers can easily help do something about, is the spread of aquatic invasive species. These "hitchhikers", including New Zealand mud snails, Didymo and whirling disease are having an enormous effect on rivers across the United States and are directly linked to reduced trout populations. Unfortunately, anglers are part of the problem, given that invasive species are spread by "hitchhiking" on waders, wading boots, drift boats, trailers and other gear. YOU CAN HELP PREVENT THE SPREAD OF INVASIVE SPECIES IN THREE EASY STEPS: 1) Thoroughly rinse all fishing gear -including waders, boots, boats, and boat trailers- in clean freshwater upon leaving a water source. Never travel from one river to another without clean gear. 2) Air-dry gear before moving to another body of water. 3) Tell other anglers about this problem and what they can do to help."
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