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    Spirit River: Strung Chinese Saddle, Olive, 7 in.

    Item: 3144
    Colors Available:
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    Price: $5.50
    Special Price: $2.75
    Tired of tying shabby leeches and dull saltwater streamers? Strung Chinese Saddle Hackle from Spirit River is webby and has thin, flexible center quills for easy wrapping about the hook shank. This material ranges from about 5 inches to 7 inches in length and is excellent for tying steelhead wet flies and leech patterns. These hackles will also tie very attractive splayed tails on bass flies and saltwater streamers. Revitalize your box of fly tying materials, take your flies off of life support, and catch more fish! Spirit River Strung Chinese Saddle Hackle is available in a wide range of assorted colors.

    Spirit River's Chinese Saddle Hackle has an extremely webby texture with thin, flexible quills for easy wrapping about the hook shank when making collars or palmering your flies. This fly tying material is perfect for steelhead wet flies, leech patterns, bass flies, and saltwater streamers. Spirit River Chinese Saddle Hackle is available in yellow, white, purple, olive, natural brown, hot pink, hot orange, grey, fluorescent chartreuse, and medium brown colors. Create that perfect splayed hackle tail today and catch that monster tarpon tomorrow!

    - Webby, thin, flexible quills

    - Great for wet flies, leeches, bass flies, and saltwater patterns

    - Colors: yellow, white, purple, olive, natural brown, hot pink, hot orange, grey, fluorescent chartreuse, and medium brown

    Common patterns
    - Fruit Salad

    - Coal Car

    Leland on Strung Chinese Hackle
    Strung Chinese hackle is probably the most commonly utilized fly tying material in Wooly Buggers and bass flies. These feathers are generally inexpensive relative to American hackles and tend to be more sparsely webbed. Chinese hackle has quite thin and highly flexible quills, making it easy to wrap about the hook shank when creating a wet fly collar or palmering the hackle in a Spey pattern. Because the barbules in Chinese hackle occur more sparsely along the quill, more material is often required to achieve the same level of dressing than more thickly populated American hackles. Spirit River's Strung Chinese Hackle is an excellent choice in economical, webby hackle feathers, and the quality of these feathers bears Spirit River's stamp of consistency and excellence.

    Leland on Hackle
    Technically, hackle refers to another group of feather, but for the fly tyer, hackle truly encompasses a world of its own. Hackle is taken from both roosters and hens and these feathers are found on two different parts of the bird. "Saddle" hackle is found on the backside of the bird, while a hackle "cape" consists of the neck and shoulders of the bird.

    Traditionally, hackle techniques have been more important to those interested in tying and fishing dry flies because of a hackle collar's ability to render a fly more buoyant. Both cape and saddle hackle can be useful for tyers interested in creating this effect. However, there are a host of wet fly patterns that require hackle as well. This wet-hackle is usually taken from the saddle of a hen which contains a great number of shorter, more thickly webbed feathers. These feathers are commonly referred to as "schlappen," and many Spey patterns also require this type of webbed hackle feather.

    Always consider the structural properties of the hackle you select. Dry fly hackle should be stiff and strong to support the fly and assist with floatation. Wet fly hackle must be heavily webbed and will give the fly better movement and water absorption when the fly is actually fished.

    Leland on Spirit River
    Since 1990, Spirit River, Inc. has been providing quality, service, and innovation to the fly tying industry. Continually offering creative new products of the highest quality and application, Spirit River, Inc. pushes the envelope in fly tying each and every season. Flies tied with Spirit River's unique materials turn up extremely productive results cast after cast and the superb quality of Spirit River's entire line of fly tying materials will help any fly tyer confidently create or execute any type of artificial fly pattern on the planet. For simply the very best in both classic and modern fly tying materials, choose Spirit River, Inc.

    Spirit River on Strung Chinese Hackle
    "Saddle hackle has thinner center quills than neck hackle, and is ideal for wrapping around the hook shank. The hackle itself is soft and webby, perfect for salmon and steelhead wets, Wooly Buggers, and many bass and saltwater patterns (5 in. - 7 in. length)."

    Spirit River on Spirit River
    "Since our birth in 1990, Spirit River, Inc has been striving to fulfill the needs of fly anglers and tyers alike. We work hard to provide high quality, exciting and innovative materials along with premium quality industry standard products. We want to make a difference.

    It is our ultimate goal to supply the world with fly tying materials that stimulate your imagination and stir your fly fishing soul. It is this goal that has made Sprit River lead the way in new product ideas and produce ground-breaking products that have set us apart and made us a true leader in the fly tying industry."
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