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    Spirit River: Angora Goat Dubbing, Olive, 2 x 2 in.

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    Angora goat dubbing material is taken from the Angora goat, native to the Angora region in Asia Minor or what is modern day Turkey. This material is commonly known as the best all-natural substitute for seal dubbing, as in many areas of the world it has been made illegal to harvest seal. This material is spiky and softer than seal, making it a joy to manipulate at the fly tying bench! Spirit River Angora Goat Dubbing is perfect for tying nymphs, steelhead patterns, and is downright awesome for giant stoneflies. Montana or bust!

    Spirit River's Angora Goat Dubbing is simply the best all-natural substitute for seal dubbing. The fibers are spiky, yet soft and easy to manipulate. This is the perfect material for nymphs, steelhead patterns, and giant stonefly imitations. Spirit River's Angora Goat Dubbing is available in red, olive, green, fluorescent orange, dark stone, and brown stone colors. Tie some giant stones today!


    - The best all-natural seal substitute

    - Spiky, yet soft fibers

    - Great for nymphs, steelhead patterns and giant stoneflies

    - Colors: red, olive, green, fluorescent orange, dark stone, and brown stone

    Common patterns

    - Egg-Sucking Leech

    - Bead Head Giant Stone

    Leland on Angora Goat Dubbing

    The Angora goat is a species of goat native to a region near modern day Turkey. This species was brought to Europe in the middle of the sixteenth century by Charles V, the Holy Roman Emperor. Today, Angora goats are bred and ranched for their wool which is more commonly known as mohair. Even though mohair is most commonly found in sweaters and socks, the fibers of this material are perfect for dubbing applications in fly tying! Spirit River's Angora Goat Dubbing is a wonderful and soft fly tying dubbing that will closely imitate seal dubbing. This all-natural material is perfect for use in a range of nymph, steelhead, and giant stonefly patterns.

    Leland on Dubbing

    Dubbing is generally used by fly tyers to create the textured and tapered bodies of both dry flies and nymph patterns. The term "dubbing" actually refers to a tying technique whereby the tyer attaches loose material to a strand of thread, using that thread to build the body of the fly. Tyers refer to both the technique and the material used as dubbing. Most dubbing material is natural, but synthetic and synthetic-natural blends are also available. Take note of the properties of the dubbing you select. Different textures of dubbing material may add extra movement to your fly when it gets wet and hangs in the current while others of smoother texture will not produce the ragged look you may be after.

    Leland on Spirit River

    Since 1990, Spirit River, Inc. has been providing quality, service, and innovation to the fly tying industry. Continually offering creative new products of the highest quality and application, Spirit River, Inc. pushes the envelope in fly tying each and every season. Flies tied with Spirit River's unique materials turn up extremely productive results cast after cast and the superb quality of Spirit River's entire line of fly tying materials will help any fly tyer confidently create or execute any type of artificial fly pattern on the planet. For simply the very best in both classic and modern fly tying materials, choose Spirit River, Inc.

    Spirit River on Angora Goat Dubbing

    "Of all the natural fibers, this most closely matches the texture and transparency of seal. A bit softer than seal, therefore much easier to use. Perfect for leech patterns or giant stonefly nymphs.

    Spirit River on Spirit River

    "Since our birth in 1990, Spirit River, Inc has been striving to fulfill the needs of fly anglers and tyers alike. We work hard to provide high quality, exciting and innovative materials along with premium quality industry standard products. We want to make a difference.

    It is our ultimate goal to supply the world with fly tying materials that stimulate your imagination and stir your fly fishing soul. It is this goal that has made Sprit River lead the way in new product ideas and produce ground-breaking products that have set us apart and made us a true leader in the fly tying industry."
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