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Enrico Puglisi: EP Fibers, Teal, 10 inches
A tremendous synthetic fly tying material. Make all your tarpon, striper, and bonefish flies sing, or get creative and use this material in any pattern you dare to dream up! All 58 colors available!
desc::A tremendous synthetic fly tying material. Make all your tarpon, striper, and bonefish flies sing, or get creative and use this material in any pattern you dare to dream up! All 58 colors available!
Name::Enrico Puglisi: EP Fibers, Teal, 10 inches
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detdesc::If you've spent any time reading about fishing for striped bass on Long Island or for baby tarpon at Isla Blanca, you've probably run across a distinctive name: Enrico Puglisi. You've probably also heard about Enrico's famous fly patterns tied with his specially designed EP Fibers, a fantastic synthetic streamer material that will liven up any of your baitfish patterns! EP Fibers are innovative and extremely versatile. You can use them as a substitute for natural materials or more common synthetic fibers in a range of "classic" baitfish imitations. Of course, they're also great for use in Enrico's own famously successful fly recipes as well! These fibers are 10 inches long, giving the tyer plenty of material to play with. EP fibers do not absorb water and are translucent, so next time you devote an evening to inventing and tying up your next fish fooling streamer, consider working with EP Fibers at the fly tying vise.


EP Fibers are tremendously versatile synthetic fly tying fibers developed by professional fly tyer and accomplished fly fisherman Enrico Puglisi. These fibers are 10 inches long and offer the tyer lots of material to work with. EP Fibers have an incredibly realistic translucence that renders them simply irresistible when in the water. They are highly water resistant and will not become logged and difficult to cast like other natural streamer fibers. With an action somewhere between wispy marabou and stiffer bucktail, these fibers will make your baitfish patterns swim like Olympians, will add extra pop to any of your favorite poppers, and will create extremely convincing crab imitations. With a whopping 58 colors to choose from you'll never be at a loss for satisfying your creativity. As Enrico says, "Use your imagination and there is no limit to the flies you can create with EP Fibers."


- Incredibly versatile synthetic fly tying material designed by Enrico Puglisi

- Fibers are 10 inches in length

- Fantastic translucent quality for realistic baitfish imitations

- Produces action that resembles a blend of marabou and bucktail

- Extremely water resistant fibers are a joy to cast long distances - WILL NOT ABSORB WATER

- Great for a range of baitfish imitations

- Tons of room for creativity - use these unique and innovative fibers in any fly pattern you can dream up!

- Available in an astonishing array of 58 COLORS: beige, black, bronze, brown, burgundy, bucktail white, dark brown, deep green, dark grey, dark olive, eel green, emerald green, forest green, green chartreuse, glow dark, gold, golden olive, golden olive minnow, golden, grey, hot pink, kelly green, lavender, lime, light olive, light yellow, minnow, mint, navy blue, ocean blue, ocean grey, olive, pale olive minnow, orange, polar bear, pink, purple, royal blue, red, rust, sage, sand, sapphire, sky blue, steel blue, silver grey, spearmint green, slate, salmon pink, sunrise, sulphur, tan, teal, turquoise, white, wine, yellow chartreuse, yellow

Common Patterns

- Giant menhaden imitations

- Enrico Puglisi-style baitfish patterns

- A range of innovative fly patterns for both fresh and saltwater species

Leland on EP Fibers

Recently at Leland Fly Fishing Outfitters, we've been on a saltwater fly tying kick. We've thumbed through the pages of classics on the subject like Bob Popovics' "Pop Fleyes," Ken Ambrames' "Striper Moon," and Bob Veverka's "Innovative Saltwater Flies." Taking elements from the fly patterns and creativity in these works, we think we've come up with some new takes on some old classics.

One of the reasons we've decided to carry Enrico Puglisi's EP Fibers (besides the fact that our very best customers and trusted folks in the industry can't stop talking about them) is our desire to push the envelope and create new flies. Innovative flies require innovative materials and EP Fibers are about as cool as it gets! These synthetic fly tying fibers are 10 inches long so you've got lots to work with, and better yet, they're water resistant so they won't get bogged down as your long day of casting and fishing to big fish g'es on. These fibers also produce an amazingly realistic translucency when they're fished. With 58 color choices ranging from bold and brilliant to sweet and subtle, we've got lots of opportunity to get creative with these durable fly tying fibers. We've got to start tying'

Leland on Enrico Puglisi Flies

Enrico Puglisi was nearly born with a fishing rod in his hands. Since his earliest days fishing in Italy with his father and uncles, catching fish on flies tied with feathers harvested from his mother's home-bred chickens, Enrico Puglisi has approached angling with intensity unmatched by many of his peers in the industry.

What began as a childish curiosity in Italy has developed into a passionately and professionally developed and maintained business. Enrico now runs a fly shop and designs a line of flies and fly tying materials that are sold and fished in fantastic fly fishing destinations across the globe.

We hear Enrico's name a lot. When we outfit our customers for their trips, we hear lots about EP Flies. "Have you seen the new mullet pattern from EP Flies?" or "Be sure you set up Mr. Jones for Isla Blanca with that hot new crab pattern from Enrico!" That's become the standard instruction these days from Rachel and Kenny at Fly Water Travel. Enrico ties his flies with Gamakatsu hooks and his special line of EP Fibers. We've used these fantastic synthetics ourselves and love the results they've given us! So take note, Enrico Puglisi's product line of innovative flies and fly tying materials is the real deal and is here to stay.

Enrico Puglisi on EP Fibers

"Enrico Puglisi Fibers are 10 inches in length, amazingly translucent, and have an action between marabou and bucktail. They come in 58 different colors and are perfect for imitating large baitfish such as menhaden, herring, mullet, and mackerel as well as 1-inch and 2-inch baitfish. Large flies tied with those fibers are a dream to cast up to 90 feet because the first back cast removes all the water from the fibers. THEY DO NOT ABSORB WATER. Use your imagination and there is no limit to the flies you can create with EP Fibers."

Enrico Puglisi on Enrico Puglisi

"Surrounded by the saltwater of the Mediterranean, Enrico learned about fishing in his native Sicily before he could walk while watching his father and uncles catching dinner. Gaudy chicken feathers that seemed to attract some of the largest fish especially intrigued him.

But his passion for fishing remained latent while he was urged to pursue a career in the culinary arts. He worked as a chef in a hotel in Sicily where he eventually met his American wife, Karen. He continued to work as a chef when he arrived with his bride in the United States in 1980.

Even though he was bout to the kitchen, he still found time to explore fishing opportunities here. With Karen's help he learned about fly fishing at the Connetquot River State Park Preserve on Long Island, and other New York State streams. That summer, Enrico hooked his first trout and that instilled in him an insatiable thirst to understand why fish 'eat' artificial flies.

Over the winter, Enrico forced himself to read English by subscribing to fishing magazines and reading books on fly fishing. He also discovered fly tying. It was, he says, a watershed experience, and incidentally, quite different from the creation of the crude artificial flies he had constructed from his mother's chicken feathers on snelled hooks.

Since that year, Enrico has expanded his knowledge of fish and the reasons they are attracted to artificials. But something kept drawing him back to the sea. So he took the knowledge he had recently accumulated about fresh water fishing and added it to his earliest memories about catching saltwater species. He then took to fishing several local Long Island beaches.

He opened The Practical Fly Shop in Little Neck, NY in 1992, where his customers encouraged him to create many of his innovative flies. That led him to experiment with more durable synthetic and natural materials to create flies that eventually became part of the catalog of offerings that are now marketed through Enrico Puglisi Ltd. As EP Flies and EP Fibers.

Today, Enrico no longer maintains The Practical Fly Shop, but through Enrico Puglisi Ltd., his innovative products are making a major impact on the future direction of saltwater fly fishing. His unique hand-tied flies are recognized around the world, and he has been invited to demonstrate his meticulous tying techniques across the United States and Europe. All of his patterns are designed to match specific baitfish and to be eminently fishable.

Recently, while appearing as a featured guest tyer at a major fishing show, a youngster standing with his father pointed to one of Enrico's creations and said, 'Daddy, that looks like the fish in our fish tank.' 'Yes, I know,' said the father. 'That's why it catches fish!' That was a proud moment for Enrico because that's what he wants to create for his customers - flies that catch fish!"

A Note From Enrico Puglisi

"Hello Friends,

By now, many of you have fished with my flies or tied your own with my materials, achieving excellent results for both salt and fresh water. I couldn't be any happier knowing that I have contributed to the enjoyment of this wonderful sport.

I continue to experiment and develop new products to further enhance the fly fishing experience. I believe the fly is only as good as the hook; therefore I only use Gamakatsu hooks on all of my flies. It is the best hook the fishing market has to offer. My synthetic materials have proven to be the most practical and effective in producing successful saltwater flies.

I continue to guarantee my products 100% because they continue to inspire fly fishermen with the beauty and originality of the flies and continue to catch fish with the effectiveness of the imitation. When it comes to flies it is not how they look in the hand, but how they act in the water.

Good fishing and safe harbor for years to come,

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