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    Spirit River: Fly Tying Poly Bear Fiber, Tan, 14 in.

    Item: 3396
    Colors Available:
    Sizes Available:
    Availability: In Stock Ready to Fish. Ships Next Business Day.
    Price: $3.50
    Special Price: $1.75
    Take it from Leland's very own saltwater fly fishing junkie, Karl Kirbus, "Big fly, BIG FISH." There is a chum bucket full of truth to this statement, but even the best fly casters know that big flies can be a bear to cast long distances. Spirit River's Poly-Bear Fiber is ultra-light and rapidly becoming one of the industry's best-selling materials for tying large saltwater patterns and baitfish imitations. Spirit River Poly-Bear Fiber is available in a staggering range of assorted colors. You'll be sure to find the fur you want in these long 14-inch hanks. Ever hunted billfish in blue water ' on a fly?

    Spirit River's Poly-Bear Fiber is the perfect ultra-light synthetic fur material for fly tying. This material is perfect for really large saltwater streamer and baitfish imitations, and at 14-inches long, you'll never be short on usable fibers. Poly-Bear Fiber is available in an incredible range of productive colors. Big game calls for big flies, don't come up short!

    - Ultra-light fur material

    - Popular for large saltwater patterns and baitfish imitations

    - Packaged in long 14-inch hanks

    - Colors: royal blue, sage, pink, purple, tan, white, silver grey, sky blue, brown, chartreuse, beige, black, glow, orange, dark grey, and emerald

    Common patterns
    - Bleeding Mackerel

    - Lefty's Deceiver

    Leland on Poly-Bear Fiber
    At Leland Fly Fishing Outfitters we prepare our clients for any piece of water the planet can offer up. Some of our favorite challenges come from fly anglers interested in chasing really big blue water species on the fly. Billfish, dorado, marlin, and tuna are simply epic game fish on a fly rod. These species require large and convincing flies. Casting these fly patterns can be a challenge especially in the extreme and windy conditions found in the open ocean. Spirit River's Poly-Bear Fiber is the perfect material for tying really large baitfish patterns. This fantastic fly tying material is strong enough and stiff enough to hold a profile, but light enough to maintain low wind resistance so you can cast the big flies to the big fish. The great length of this material also makes it the best answer for your larger streamers. Getting after giant tarpon and jacks in the saltwater flats has never been easier. At Leland, we've tied a number of flies for our blue-water-bound clients and Spirit River's Poly-Bear Fiber has consistently yielded big results.

    Leland on Spirit River
    Since 1990, Spirit River, Inc. has been providing quality, service, and innovation to the fly tying industry. Continually offering creative new products of the highest quality and application, Spirit River, Inc. pushes the envelope in fly tying each and every season. Flies tied with Spirit River's unique materials turn up extremely productive results cast after cast and the superb quality of Spirit River's entire line of fly tying materials will help any fly tyer confidently create or execute any type of artificial fly pattern on the planet. For simply the very best in both classic and modern fly tying materials, choose Spirit River, Inc.

    Spirit River on Poly-Bear Fiber
    "One of the most versatile and popular saltwater materials is now available from Spirit River, Inc.! This lightweight material is perfect for large baitfish imitations. Fiber length is 14" doubled over into 7" hanks."

    Spirit River on Spirit River
    "Since our birth in 1990, Spirit River, Inc has been striving to fulfill the needs of fly anglers and tyers alike. We work hard to provide high quality, exciting and innovative materials along with premium quality industry standard products. We want to make a difference.

    It is our ultimate goal to supply the world with fly tying materials that stimulate your imagination and stir your fly fishing soul. It is this goal that has made Sprit River lead the way in new product ideas and produce ground-breaking products that have set us apart and made us a true leader in the fly tying industry."
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