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    Rio Power Flex Wire Tippet Spool, 40lb

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    Leland on the Rio Power Flex Wire Tippet

    Some saltwater fish have such sharp teeth, even small ones can cut through heavy mono or fluoro like a hot knife through butter. RIO Powerflex Wire Tippet, supple and knottable, is just the answer for these beasties, as well as for pikes and other toothy freshwater gamefish. This wire is coated with a tough layer of nylon and comes in your choice of 20, 30, or 40 pound breaking strength to match your fishing situation.The dull bronze color reduces 'line grabs' from curious fish. With the right connections, Rio PowerFlex Wire Tippet can make the delivery end of your leader as bulletproof as it can be. Each compact plastic spool holds 15 feet of wire. Make sure that your gear bag or flats bag is equipped with a full selection of this wire because the ocean, as you know, is a funny thing. You never know when a monster may show up from out of the deep!

    • Nylon coated wire resists sharp teeth
    • Flexible for easy and strong fly attachment
    • Breaking strengths: 20(9.1kg), 30(13.6kg) or 40(18kg) pound
    • 15 ft. per spool
    • Color: bronze