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    Tibor: Pacific QC Spool, Gold (Spool Only)

    Item: 4945
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    Price: $432.00
    Special Price: $345.60
    Leland on the Tibor Pacific QC Fly Fishing Reel

    It's the Tibor Pacific QuickChange, so look out! Big fish means big fly reels. And you can't find a bigger tougher fly reel than this. However, sometimes the Yellow Fin Tuna will be on the surface and at other times, they'll be just below. That's why you need the QuickChange Pacific. You'll quickly be off with one spool and on with another. Never miss a shot again! Read the Complete Review on the Tibor QuickChange Fly Reels
    • Weight: 13.5 oz.
    • Spool Diameter: 5.0625 inches
    • Spool Width: 1.875 inches
    • Line + Yards of Backing: 14 + 600 40#
    Leland on Tibor Fly Fishing Reels In Hungarian, Tibor translates to "Ted" (as in Ted Juracsik, the company founder). In fly fishing, Tibor translates to "high performance reels built like tanks." As with most accomplished innovators, Juracsik saw a problem; the lack of a substantial saltwater fly reel, and went out and solved it. An avid saltwater fly fisherman, Ted began fishing in Florida in the early 1960's. In 1970, he met Billy Pate and two became fast friends, and fishing companions. By 1976, the melding of these two minds resulted in the first Billy Pate Fly fishing Reel, forever changing saltwater fly-fishing. However, the Tibor story really begins decades earlier, in Budapest, Hungary. Born in Budapest, Ted Juracsik was raised fishing the Danube River. At 17, he became the youngest person ever to earn their Masterpapers in the Tool and Die trade. Shortly after embarking on his career, he joined the Hungarian freedom fighters in their attempt to overthrow the Soviet Union. The revolt was unsuccessful, and for the benefit of the fly fishing world, Ted fled to the United States. He lived in New York working for several tool and die companies. In 1961, he opened his own business, and by 1976 he was manufacturing world class fly reels. The first line of reels Tibor produced was the Billy Pate Anti-Reverse series. These reels made the once impossible task of landing world-class saltwater fish not only possible, but pleasurable. The Billy Pate reels are still being manufactured today. The design is so sound that nothing has changed since their inception. To date, over 20 world record fish have been caught on them. In 1995, Tibor introduced the Tibor Series reels. The same impregnated cork drag that performed so well in the Billy Pate Reels, is used in this series, as well. Models are available for giant sailfish to rainbow trout. In 1999, the company introduced the Tibor Light; a terrific line of freshwater reels that employ all the knowledge and know-how gleaned from producing the Tibor and Billy Pate reels. All Tibor reels are manufactured at their machine shop in Delray Beach, Florida. Made with 100% corrosion proof materials, every Tibor reel is saltwater friendly.
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