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    SA- Fly Line Backing, Dacron, Yellow, 250 yards, 30 lb

    Item: 981
    Colors Available:
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    Availability: In Stock Ready to Fish. Ships Next Business Day.
    Price: $25.00
    Special Price: $12.99
    Leland on Scientific Anglers Dacron Backing

    Probably to coolest thing in fly fishing is to have a fish run off all your fly line and "get into" your backing. For the trout angler that generally means one thing - A huge fish! For the saltwater angler, it happens more frequently but it is still a thrill everytime. We back all fly lines with Scientific Anglers dacron. You should too! To determine the correct size and amount needed please refer to the Specifications for the particular reel you are purchasing. There is an item that is similar to "Line + Yards of Backing: 2 + 75 20#". The 75 and 20# (LBS) are the answers! Oh yeah, all rigging (loops, line marking, butt sections) is free with the purchase of reel, fly line and backing.
    Here's to more fish into your backing!
    • Total Yards: 100 or 250 yd spools available
    • Exceptionally thin material for more reel capacity
    • Low c'efficient of friction minimizes wear on guides
    • High abrasion resistance
    • Extremely high visibility
    • Colorfast
    Leland on Scientific Anglers Fly Fishing Products Scientific Anglers Fly Fishing Products was founded in 1945 by fellow anglers Leon Martuch, Clare Harris, and Paul Rottiers in Midland, Michigan. They developed the first modern, plastic coated fly line in 1952, replacing silk fly lines which had been in use for well over 100 years. In 1954, Scientific Anglers Fly Fishing Products introduced the Air Cel, widely considered the first modern floating fly lines. Scientific Anglers' development of 3M Microballoons in 1959 revolutionized the way that fly lines float and is the standard technology by which all manufacturers float their lines today. 3M, then known as the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, acquired Scientific Anglers Fly Fishing Products in 1973. Scientific Anglers wrote the book on early modern fly line development, with research and development resources way beyond the means of other major fly line makers that we usually see on the shelves.
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