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    SA: Freshwater Tippet:, 30m, 8X

    Item: 5765
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    Price: $3.95
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    Leland on Scientific Anglers Mastery Freshwater Tippet

    Mastery Freshwater Tippet material is built with the same polymers and copolymers as their tapered leaders. This provides for the smoothest transfer of energy from the line through the leader to the fly. Combined with the Scientific Anglers Trout Leader, this tippet also has better than average knot strength. Use it wherever your trout fishing takes you!
    • Length: 30 meter spools
    • Size/Breaking Strength: 0X(.011") - 10lb, 1X(.010") - 9lb, 2X(.009") - 8lb, 3X(.008") - 6lb, 4X(.007") - 5lb, 5X(.006") - 4.4lb, 6X(.005") - 3.5lb, 7X(.004") - 2lb
    • Color: Light Olive
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