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    Tiemco Hooks: TMC 760SP Super Point, Bronze, 25 PK, 6

    Item: 5428
    Colors Available:
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    Availability: In Stock Ready to Fish. Ships Next Business Day.
    Price: $7.10
    Special Price: $3.55
    Tiemco's TMC 760 SP is quite simply a tremendous wet fly hook. Let's jump straight to the bottom line: the TMC 760 SP is highly fishable and its Limerick bend, 1X wide gape, and chemically sharpened Super Point will hold fish securely from the bubble line to the bank. The Tiemco TMC 760 SP is available in sizes #14 to #4. Use this hook to tie all of your favorite wet flies and nymph patterns - the results you see will please you.

    Tiemco's TMC 760 SP is the perfect wet fly hook. It's constructed with a down eye for fishability and its Limerick bend and 1X wide gape generate its excellent hook up and holding power. This hook also sports a chemically sharpened Super Point from Tiemco, assuring a rapid penetration rate with each and every take. Tie your favorite nymphs and wet flies in sizes #14 to #4 with Tiemco's TMC 760 SP.

    - Super point

    - Down eye

    - 1X heavy

    - 1X wide gape

    - Limerick bend

    - Bronze

    - #14 to #4

    - Nymphs and wet flies

    Leland on TMC 760 SP
    There's just something about catching a salmon as it rages up the main channel of your favorite river, and a well fished wet fly can be one of the most productive salmon patterns on the water. Tiemco's 760 SP is exactly what you need when you're looking to tie some walloping wet flies for your next salmon trip. This hook is constructed of durable bronze wire and sports a Limeric bend and a 1X wide gape for effective and powerful hook ups on even the biggest, nastiest, thrashers out there. The down eye will help your wet flies swim properly and your hook ups are guaranteed lightning fast with Tiemco's chemically sharpened Super Point. The TMC 760 SP is also built for durability with tough 1X heavy wire. Salmon fly anglers and steelheaders may not agree on the better quarry, but they will most certainly agree that catching either fish on a well-swung wet fly is nirvana.

    Leland on Tiemco

    Since the company's founding on 1 December, 1969, Tiemco Limited has been designing and manufacturing superb fishing gear. In its nearly 50 years of operation, innovation, growth, and service, Teimco has accomplished a great deal for the fishing industry as a whole. From its perch in cosmopolitan and bustling Tokyo, Japan, Tiemco has introduced countless fishing products from tackle to clothing to fly and line floatant products. In 1976, Tiemco opened the first fly fishing school and education program in Japan's storied fishing history, helping the surge fly fishing's popularity among Japanese sporting enthusiasts.

    Today, among other creative and productive fishing enterprises, Tiemco has positioned itself as the World's leader in premium grade fly fishing hooks. Tiemco's consistent creativity and attention to detail shines clearly in the brilliant and functional designs of its premium fly tying hooks.

    From a design perspective, Tiemco has never missed the mark. Offering a range of hooks perfectly sized, weighted, and shaped for the widest variety of fly fishing situations, Tiemco has the most comprehensive line of fly tying hooks the market has ever witnessed. In addition to solid and functional design, Tiemco has never shied from technological advancement. Most recently Tiemco has introduced the chemically sharpened Super Point on it's best hooks. The Super Point series of hooks from Tiemco remain sharp hook up after hook up and are specially designed to pierce the mouth of even the toughest fish cleanly and quickly.

    Design aside, quality control is a top priority for Tiemco. Throughout our experiences at the fly tying bench, we've had the opportunity to tie tons of flies on tons of hooks. With Tiemco fly tying hooks, we've never cracked or snapped a shank, found a misshapen or unclosed hook eye, or found a tarnished or poorly finished hook. Period.

    From trout to tarpon, in freshwater or saltwater, for bass poppers or Micro Mayflies, we choose Tiemco hooks over the other competitor's best efforts. Teimco hooks are simply the best hooks we've ever clamped in our fly tying vises, and we think you'll agree.

    Tiemco on the Tiemco SP Series

    "In addition to the outstanding standard hook points, Tiemco introduces a new and innovative specialty point: The new Tiemco SP Series features a hollow curved point with triangulated edges that sharpen easily. The 'slow-tapered' point lowers the resistance of penetration, resulting in accelerated hook sets and better holding ability, especially in barbless versions.

    Biologically speaking, when a hook pierces a fish's mouth in a flash, the wound will be constricted. The basal part of the point has an 'apron' on both sides. These tiny swellings will work as a barb to some degree. In larger sizes, they also help streamer flies track better in the water by functioning like the keel of a ship.

    Tiemco SP hooks are available in a saltwater model, a streamer model, and in barbless designs for dries and nymphs."

    Tiemco on Tiemco

    "Tiemco's advanced method has revolutionized the design and manufacture of fly hooks. Tiemco has become the world-wide leader by introducing new hook styles that let flies appear more life-like and by pioneering new manufacturing processes, such as chemical sharpening that improve hook performance.

    Each year we add new hook designs, extending the range of our hooks to meet the expanding needs of innovative fly tyers.

    Each Tiemco hook style is designed specifically to satisfy the most demanding customers in the world: the fly tyers who depend on Tiemco hooks. Tiemco fly tying hooks are made with fly fishing in mind. And since a sharp, strong hook may be the single most important component in your fly fishing gear, we believe it makes perfect sense to choose the best hooks in the world!

    Think Tiemco!"
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