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    Airflo: Velocity Floating Line, Optic Green, WF- 7

    Item: 9868
    Colors Available:
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    Availability: In Stock Ready to Fish. Ships Next Business Day.
    Price: $34.99
    Special Price: $8.75
    Leland on the Airflo Velocity Floating WF Fly Line

    For the first forays into the sport, our recommended line is the Airflo Velocity Floating WF fly line in a weight forward taper. At our Sonoma Ranch, and across the fly waters of Northern California, we've seen how this line casts and mends exceptionally well, and helps new and returning fly anglers put the fly where it needs to be. A great choice for Skwalas on the Yuba and deep nymphing on the Lower Sac, the Airflo Velocity Floating fly line presents an outstanding value and is a smart option for those anglers unsure of what exactly they should be looking for in a floating fly line.
    • Fly Line Density: Floating
    • Fly Line Taper: Short ‘Easy Cast’ belly, weight forward
    • Total Head Length: 38 feet (for 5 weight line - varies by line weight)
    • Running Line Length: 44 feet (for 5 weight line- varies by line weight)
    • Total Line Length: 82 feet
    • Core: Braided multifilament nylon
    • Coating: Polyfuse Polyurethane
    • Line Weights: 4 through 9 weight
    • Color: ‘Optic Green’ chartreuse
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