Sloan's Outrigger Yellow Sally, Adult, 14

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    An outrigger design has added stability to large can'es and sailboats
    for ages. Why not incorporate "outriggers" into larger fly patterns
    that need to perform in rough water?

    This is exactly what a clever California-based fly tyer and fly
    fisherman named Dave Sloan set out to accomplish when he needed a new
    caddis pattern to present to trout in high energy water. Tied with lots
    of stiff, horizontally protruding fibers, Sloan's pattern borrows the
    structural design of outrigger can'es, yielding a caddis imitation that
    lands upright, floats higher, and remains visible in those really
    rough, but productive runs.

    Sloan's Outrigger Yellow Sally is an excellent imitation of a little
    yellow stonefly in the adult life stage. Use this fly in fast, well
    oxygenated water above rocky river bottoms. It's a fantastic floater
    and is easy to see when fast riffles look more like North Atlantic
    • Little yellow stonefly imitation in the adult life stage
    • Use as either an impressionistic searching fly or as a realistic imitation when matching the hatch
    • Drift the fly through different water types; faster riffles and shallower water near the banks of a river with moderate to slow currents are the most productive water types for this fly
    • Little yellow stonefly nymphs are available to trout all year long in trout water throughout North America
    • Most prolific hatches occur during warmer months (June – August)
    • Hatches occur consistently and with long duration throughout the daylight hours
    • Strikes on little yellow stoneflies are often far from subtle because trout must often be prepared to rip these strong crawlers from their rocky homes
    • When approaching a shallow water environment with an adult stonefly, be extremely careful not to spook happily feeding trout – stalking and fly presentations should be stealthy and subtle
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