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    Oliverio's Crystal Wing Rusty, Spinner, 12

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    Selective trout are smart ... and lazy - they key in on only the most
    helpless insects caught in the drift. Sometimes crippled emergers can
    provide the most energy efficient feeding for these wily trout. At
    other times, slow moving nymphs can become the easiest meals around.

    there's simply nothing less energy consuming for hungry trout than a
    spinner fall, and when these dull brown spent mayflies hit the water
    like wet snow, selective trout want nothing else for dinner.

    Crystal Wing Rusty Spinner Green Drake is a highly effective imitation
    of a Green Drake mayfly in the spinner life stage. This attractive fly
    pattern sports prominent split tails and spent wings of crystal flash
    for a bit of extra translucence and sparkle. Serve this bug up to most
    selective trout you can find!
    • This fly pattern was developed by West Virginia fly fishing guide, Frank Oliverio for use on selective trout in his home waters
    • The fly sports a thick abdomen, prominent tails, and spent wings of crystal flash
    • Green Drake imitation in the cripple life stage
    • Use as a realistic imitation when matching the hatch during a spinner fall
    • Fish on a dead drift in all types of water; slow-moving eddys can be extremely productive during and after a spinner fall
    • Best results early in the morning or later in the evening
    • Minimize surface commotion in clear or shallow water by using long leaders and light tippet
    • Giving the fly a few twitches during the drift can simulate the struggle of a spent insect and attract opportunistic trout
    • When imitating a drowned spinner, it's often useful to use a nymphing strategy with a strike indicator and a short leader
    • SIZE 12
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