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    Mayfly Cripple Callibaetis, Cripple, 16

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    If you've ever fished slow, lazy water, you know that big, hungry
    trout love to lurk in the weeds. These big fish love to hold their
    positions in the soft current, waiting for that perfect moment to rise
    and take a sip on a helpless crippled Callibaetis.

    The Mayfly Cripple Callibaetis an excellent imitation of the Callibaetis
    mayfly in the crippled life stage. It's also the perfect fly pattern to
    have strung on your leader when the water is cool and slow and you've
    spotted the first few of these greyish-blue mayflies fluttering off the
    water's surface. With a whack of stiff, hollow fibers and a puff of CDC
    feathers for a tail, this fly rides right in the surface film and shows
    a realistic profile that will tantalize even the most wary trout!
    • This fly pattern boasts thick forward hair wings for floatation, a stiff hackle collar, a long and slender abdomen, and a puff of CDC feathers to imitate a trailing shuck
    • Its excellent buggy profile makes it an attractive morsel to hungry trout
    • Callibaetis imitation in the cripple life stage
    • Use as either an impressionistic searching fly or as a realistic imitation when matching the hatch
    • Twitch the fly through slow water; lakes, backwater, and eddys are the most productive water types for this fly
    • Best results during summer months are obtained mid-morning
    • When the weather and water temperatures are a bit cooler, look for Callibaetis in the late afternoon
    • Strikes on Callibaetis cripples are often far from subtle because trout must pursue them aggressively
    • SIZE 16
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