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    Kaufmann's Bead Head Rubber Leg Golden Stonefly, Nymph, 10

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    avid fly fisher on California's famous high country freestone rivers
    and streams, Kaufmann developed this relatively large stonefly nymph to
    match the golden stonefly, a staple of trout throughout the Golden
    State's rich fly waters. The original version of this extremely
    buggy-looking fly pattern became buggier during the last decade when
    tyers began adding rubber legs to the mix, making the tie that much
    more enticing to hungry trout in search of a healthy morsel of stonefly

    Kaufmann's Bead Head Rubber Legs Golden Stone is a
    fantastic imitation of the common and widespread Golden Stonefly
    (Acroneurinae and Perlinae) in its mature nymph life stage. The bead head on this fly
    provides a bit of flash, an attractive profile, and will allow an
    angler to get the fly down in the fastest of water columns - your
    favorite stretch of pocket water awaits!
    • This fly pattern was developed in the early 1970s by master fly tyer Randall Kaufmann
    • Golden stonefly imitation in the mature nymph life stage
    • Use as either an impressionistic searching fly or as a realistic imitation when matching the hatch
    • Drift the fly through different water types; faster riffles and shallower water near the banks of a river with moderate to slow currents are the most productive water types for this fly
    • Golden stonefly nymphs are available to trout all year long in trout water throughout North America
    • Hatches occur consistently and with long duration throughout the daylight hours
    • Strikes on golden stoneflies are often far from subtle because trout must often be prepared to rip these strong clingers from their rocky homes
    • When approaching a shallow water environment with a stonefly nymph, be extremely careful not to spook happily feeding trout
    • Bead head gives flash, profile, and an increased sink rate, making it the perfect choice for a favorite stretch of pocket water
    • SIZE 10
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