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    Jacklin's March Brown Nymph, Nymph, 12

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    Many of the most successful fly fishers have taken pride in "keeping
    things simple," and with all the complexity and pace of the modern
    world, this is probably one of the most attractive characteristics of
    the sport.

    When West Yellowstone fly fishing guide, Master fly
    casting instructor, and commercial fly tyer, Bob Jacklin, set out to
    produce the ultimate march brown nymph imitation, he decided to keep
    things simple - it worked.

    Today, Jacklin's March Brown Nymph,
    with its long split tails and shaggy, tapered body of blended dubbing,
    has literally become the go-to nymph for Jacklin. He always ties this
    clever fly pattern on the end of his leader when searching for big
    brown trout and rainbow trout. Anglers around the world have also made
    this a go-to selection, and whether far or wide, near or far, Jacklin's
    March Brown Nymph is a fantastic offering for feeding trout.
    • This fly pattern was developed by veteran fly fishing guide and casting instructor, Bob Jacklin of the famous West Yellowstone, Montana area
    • March Brown imitation in the mature nymph life stage
    • Use as either an impressionistic searching fly or as a realistic imitation when matching the hatch
    • Hatches throughout North America occur during early spring (March through May)
    • Nymphs are active during the morning and afternoon with rare but sometimes productive activity during the evening hours
    • Fish on a dead drift in medium to fast water
    • Use a high stick nymphing technique through really fast riffles
    • When targeting fish during a prolific hatch, cast upstream and drift through the main current
    • Look for March Brown nymphs in slower water just prior to emergence
    • Trout feed on these insects with relative ease, so takes can be extremely soft – be ready to set the hook at the slightest twitch
    • Using yarn or a March Brown dry fly as an indicator can be quite helpful in revealing subtle takes
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