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    Headlight Caddis Olive Caddis, Emerger, 14

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    Caddis hatches can erupt at all hours of the day, with some of the very
    best beginning near dusk and lasting through the dark evening hours,
    when Mother Nature's lights go out.

    One of the very best caddis emerger patterns to fish in the low light
    conditions at the end of a day on the water is the Headlight Caddis.
    It's easy to see, rides high in the surface film, and gives an
    excellent profile to hungry fish, despite low and diffuse light

    The Headlight Caddis Olive Caddis is an excellent imitation of an olive
    caddis in the emerger life stage. This fly is equipped with a oversized
    wing post of calf body hair, long forward antennae for stabilization, a
    CDC underwing for improved floatation, and a green abdomen for extra
    attraction. It's clever design and long reputation make it the go-to
    bug for low-light caddis action.
    • Clever, highly visible design makes this a must-have bug when fishing a caddis hatch in low light conditions where visibility is poor
    • Olive Caddis imitation in the emerger life stage
    • Use as either an impressionistic searching fly or as a realistic imitation when matching the hatch
    • Check under rocks and streamside debris for dark caddis pupae and match size and color before offering a fly
    • Fish on a dead drift low in the water column
    • Hatches can occur throughout the day across North America
    • The most prolific hatches occur in eastern North America during May, while the western watersheds see two stages of activity from April to May and July to August
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