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    Elk Hair Caddis Black Caddis, Adult, 18

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    Some fly patterns stand the test of time. Like the clean and powerful
    lines of Greek and Roman architecture, their elegant profiles carry the
    best elements of the past into the future.

    Way back in the
    1950s, a native-Pennsylvanian-turned-rugged-Montana-trout-bum named Al
    Troth wrapped some thread about a bit of elk hair fibers roughly
    matched to the length of a hook shank. Did he know he had created
    perhaps the most effective adult caddis imitation of all time?

    Elk Hair Caddis - Black Caddis is an elegant imitation of an adult Black
    Caddis, and should hold a prominent place in any angler's well-stocked
    trout fly box.
    • An elegantly simple fly pattern developed by native Pennsylvanian and legendary Montana fly fishing guide, Al Troth
    • Black Caddis imitation in the adult life stage
    • Use as either an impressionistic searching fly or as a realistic imitation when matching the hatch
    • Fish on a dead drift in low energy waters; lakes, eddys, and weedy spring creeks are perfect water for this fly
    • Be sure trout are feeding on caddis adults at the surface, not subsurface emergers and cripples
    • Always observe the rises of feeding trout and aim your dead drift directly at these rises
    • Hatches can occur throughout the day across North America
    • The most prolific hatches occur in eastern North America during May, while the western watersheds see two stages of activity from April to May and July to August
    • SIZE 18
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