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    Cannon's Snowshoe Midge Cluster, Adult, 18

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    Cannon, an expert Rocky Mountain fly fishing guide and innovative fly
    designer and tyer has the experience to know that the midge's
    importance should never be overlooked. With this in mind Cannon
    developed his Snowsh'e Midge Cluster to represent that all important
    phenomenon among midges - the mating cluster.

    Cannon's Snowsh'e
    Midge Cluster is constructed with fur from the snowsh'e hare, a soft,
    air-trapping material that will allow the fly to hang optimally and
    pulse just beneath the surface film. According to Mr. Cannon himself,
    this fly should "never be left at home and is especially important when
    fishing winter midge hatches." Try it out in your favorite river or
    lake the next time you're out in search of that big trout!
    • Colorado-based fly fishing guide and fly tyer, Jim Cannon produced this excellent fly for his local midge hatches
    • Midge imitation in the adult life stage
    • Adult midges are active early in the morning and later in the afternoon
    • During the early part of the day, look for midge clusters above slower water
    • In the afternoon and evening, look for egg-laying females at the water's surface
    • Be extremely careful not to disturb fish holding in slow water when fishing an adult midge pattern
    • It is paramount to angling success that you achieve a drag free drift when fly fishing with an adult midge pattern
    • Longer leaders are very useful when fishing adult midge patterns
    • SIZE 20
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