Caddis Variant Little Brown Stonefly, Cripple, 16

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    Montana-based fly fishing guide and fly tyer, Chuck Stranahan, has
    quietly built a loyal following of fly fishing compatriots who fishing
    nothing but his elegant and durable fly patterns. In fact, his
    followers are so loyal they have become known simply as Chuck's
    "underground army."

    When Stranahan set out to create a new
    caddis pattern for his troops, he wasn't sure what he'd come up with,
    but the result, dubbed the "Caddis Variant," has been nothing short of
    smashing - taking the popular creation from the underground to the

    With its durable hair wing, ultra thick hackle
    collar, and elegantly wrapped body, the Ginger Caddis Variant makes the
    perfect flitty imitation of an adult little brown stonefly. Give this
    bug a few twitches through the main drift and watch your favorite trout
    river boil with aggressive rises!
    • This fly pattern was developed by Chuck Stranahan, a favorite fly fishing guide in Montana’s Bitterroot Valley
    • Fly designed for durability and surface movement and action
    • Caddis imitation in the mature larval life stage
    • Works brilliantly as an adult little brown stonefly imitation
    • Fish on a dead drift through faster riffles and current seams
    • To imitate egg-laying females, add a few jerky twitches to the dead drift for a lifelike appearance
    • Be sure to scope out slower water below and adjacent to the higher energy sections of the river or stream and present the fly on a dead drift
    • When approaching slower and shallower water, be wary of disturbing holding fish and use more delicate dry fly presentations
    • SIZE 16
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