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    CDC Biot Rusty Spinner Mahogany, Spinner, 18

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    Before the days of fancy fly floatants and other products designed to

    keep dry flies drier for longer, fly tyers relied heavily on the

    physical properties of natural materials to do the trick.


    Cul du Canard or "CDC" feather of a common duck is found and harvested

    from an area near the animal's preen glands, the center where natural

    oils are produced in order to keep the duck warm and dry on the water.

    CDC feathers are impregnated with these oils and are extremely water

    repellent, an attribute many fly tyers of the past exploited to keep

    their flies riding high and dry.

    The CDC Rusty Spinner Mahogany

    is an effective imitation of a Mahogany mayfly in the spinner life

    stage. This design boasts long and defined split tails and spent wings

    of CDC for a smooth and dry flush-with-the-surface drift. This classic

    will have trout in a frenzy and it'll perform cast after cast.
    • This fly pattern includes naturally water repellent CDC feathers as wings, allowing it to sit flush with the surface through the drift
    • The fly sports a thick abdomen, prominent tails, and spent wings of CDC feathers
    • Mahogany imitation in the spinner life stage
    • These bugs are active in both spring and fall and often coincide with Baetis and Blue Winged Olive hatches
    • Use as a realistic imitation when matching the hatch during a spinner fall
    • Fish on a dead drift in medium and slow water; slow-moving eddys can be extremely productive during and after a spinner fall
    • Best results early in the morning or later in the evening
    • Minimize surface commotion in clear or shallow water by using long leaders and light tippet
    • Giving the fly a few twitches during the drift can simulate the struggle of a spent insect and attract opportunistic trout
    • When imitating a drowned spinner, it's often useful to use a nymphing strategy with a strike indicator and a short leader
    • SIZE 18
    Leland on Umpqua In 1972 a man named Dennis Black and his fly tying skills found themselves in high demand. Mr. Black, then a professional production fly tyer, was famous in the industry for his unsurpassed skill and speed with whipping up tremendously beautiful and precisely constructed flies. It wasn't long until this young fly tying superstar realized that he ought to take his consistent approach to quality to the next level. Shortly after this realization, a small army of fly tyers had banded together to support Mr. Black's vision. With the likes of Dave Whitlock, Jack Dennis, and Andy Puyans, Mr. Black was officially in business. Dennis Black's new company Umpqua Feather Merchants quickly extended its reach and fly production capabilities with expansion into India, Sri Lanka, and Thailand, where the world's first and full blown "fly tying factories" were built. Since those early days, only the highest standard of excellence has marked Umpqua and this commitment to quality and efficiency continues to spur the company forward. Dennis Black's innovative vision for "fly production" has truly revolutionized how the fly industry operates and has ultimately made the majority of production flies better. From the first "royalty system" for rewarding the most creative professional fly tyers to streamlining production systems and offering a range of other products, Umpqua Feather Merchants just seems to "do it all." Today, Umpqua Feather Merchants is without a doubt the world's best and most prolific supplier of hand tied fly fishing flies as well as fly tying hooks and materials, and they recently got better! Umpqua's brand new, state of the art headquarters in Louisville, Colorado marks another paradigm shift in the way fly tying business is done. From its vast warehouse to its specially designed inventory management and tracking system, Umpqua is poised to continue its energetic trajectory and lead the way for the next generation of flies and fly tyers.
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