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    Brooks' Sprout Midge Emerger, Cripple, 18

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    his tenure at Hot Creek Ranch, Bob Brooks learned much about
    stalking and catching wary trout on dry flies. As he guided
    clients along the slow meander of his spring creek, Brooks realized
    that trout, when feeding on mayflies, were most often dialed in on the
    emergers, rather than the winged adults.

    Brooks' Sprout Emergers are tied to
    represent the most common mayflies and are fished throughout the
    world's best fly water. This nifty pattern is tied on a hook with a
    severe bend and is finished with a white foam and heavily hackled
    thorax for high floatation, allowing the bug to hang on the surface of
    the water.

    The Brooks' Sprout Midge Emerger is an excellent
    imitation of an emergent Midge in its cripple stage. It's highly
    visible and can be fished effectively on light or heavy terminal tackle
    in soft or rough water. Next time you venture to your favorite spring
    creek or local lake, pack a row of Sprout Emergers in your fly box and
    give them a try.
    • This fly pattern was developed by Bob Brooks while seving as river keeper of and guiding clients on Hot Creek, a spring creek near Mammoth Mountain, California
    • The Brooks’ Sprout Emerger series is defined by the pattern’s severe bend in the hook shank along with the white foam thorax
    • Midge imitation in the cripple life stage
    • Fishes effectively in all types of trout water
    • Dead drift through slower water and eddies
    • Faster riffles and current seams can also be great spots to dead drift a midge larva pattern
    • Midges are often most effectively fished when attached as a dropper to a larger nymph or when fished just below the water’s surface with a large dry fly as a strike indicator
    • Because of the common and widespread nature of midge species, trout anglers ought to keep a wide selection of midge fly patterns in their fly boxes
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