Beck's Spinner Sulfer, Spinner, 16

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    Seasoned trout anglers will tell you some of July's very best fireworks
    won't be seen in the sky on Independence Day, but in the blue evening
    waters of a favorite stream. When the daytime summer heat begins to
    dissipate and taper just a bit and the sulfer spinners begin to fall,
    feeding trout will flicker this way and that on the water's surface as
    they rise to their fallen prey.

    Barry Beck, a veteran of many sulfer hatches and expert fly tyer,
    developed a spinner pattern specifically for these dramatic summer
    evenings. Beck's Spinner Sulfer is a fantastic imitation of the sulfer
    mayfly in the spent spinner life stage. This bug is lightly dressed,
    realistically colored, and maintains an excellent profile in a wide
    range of water types. Next time you smell the sweet summer evening
    approaching, and you see the spinners spiral down, tie one of these on
    the end of your line, sit back, and enjoy the show.
    • This fly pattern was developed by world famous fly fishing guide, photographer, writer, sport ambassador, and fly tyer, Barry Beck
    • The fly sports a rounded abdomen, wispy tails, and thin grey spent wings
    • Sulfer imitation in the spinner life stage
    • These bugs are active in the spring from May to August
    • Use as a realistic imitation when matching the hatch during a spinner fall
    • Fish on a dead drift in medium and slow water; slow-moving eddys can be extremely productive during and after a spinner fall
    • Best results early in the morning or later in the evening
    • Minimize surface commotion in clear or shallow water by using long leaders and light tippet
    • Giving the fly a few twitches during the drift can simulate the struggle of a spent insect and attract opportunistic trout
    • When imitating a drowned spinner, it's often useful to use a nymphing strategy with a strike indicator and a short leader
    • Sulfer spinners don't often appear until the cooler evenings and it sometimes takes a good deal of patience to wait for them to arrive on the scene
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