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    Fly Tying with AK Best, Best, Hardcover

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    Leland on Fly Tying with A. K
    Tips techniques from master fly tier Best help you meet the challenges of today's new tying materials. Addresses several common tying problems gives solutions that every tier can use. Describes new materials patterns, explains how they differ from traditional materials, what that means for today's fisherman. A. K.'s signature Quill Body flies take on new life when tied according to his directions using these new materials. Detailed photographs illustrate the step-by-step instructions for working with Bugskin, Coq de Leon, and streamers. With this book on new materials, new techniques, and new patterns, A. K. once again demonstrates his expertise as a tier and as a teacher. 314 color photos; 8.5x11 inches, 132 pgs.
    • The right way to hold a bobbin
    • Preventing body bumps
    • Avoiding trapped hackles
    • Producing crisper hairwings and tails
    • Dubbing fine bodies
    • Saltwater tips
    • Bugskip Nymph
    • Blue Quill Dun
    • Mahogany Quill Spinner
    • Hovering Fy Crane
    • Coq de Leon Matuka
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