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    Pop Fleyes:, Bob Popovics, Hardcover

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    Have you dreamed of creating your own innovative baitfish patterns for chasing hard banging stripers and blitzing blues in the salty surf? Has the thought of epoxy or silicone scared you away from designing your very own indestructible fly designs? If you've answered yes to either or both of these questions (or even if you haven't), you ought to crack the cover of "Pop Fleyes: Bob Popovics' Approach to Saltwater Fly Design" written and photographed by Ed Jaworoski and Bob Popovics. This tremendous resource published by Stackpole Books, a leader in outdoor sports publishing, will completely reorder how you approach tying flies for saltwater game fish. It details Popovics' innovative techniques for adding important length to baitfish patterns. It follows his deep research into the creative use of new materials to better match the translucency, movement, and profile of the real thing. If you're curious about the world of epoxy in fly tying, Popovics and Jaworoski will have you mixing, shaping, and drying Surf Candies, 3D Squid, and other epoxy and silicone fly creations before you know it. From Popovics' famous "2-vise tying technique" to constructing the some of the largest and most effective bunker flies you've ever seen, "Pop Fleyes" will blow your saltwater fly tying mind!


    "Pop Fleyes: Bob Popovics' Approach to Saltwater Fly Design" by Ed Jaworoski and Bob Popovics is the definitive resource on the subject of tying saltwater fly patterns that incorporate the creative techniques, approaches, and designs of fly tying's mad genius, Bob Popovics. Nearly obsessive in its attention to detail, this volume is lucidly written, beautifully photographed, and clearly illustrated throughout the bulk of its 136 pages. With this book in hand, you'll learn to tie many of Bob Popovics' most exciting fly patterns, but more importantly, you'll gain invaluable insight into the meticulously researched approach to fly design and construction that has made Popovics and his "Pop Fleyes" famous among players in the saltwater fly tying and fly fishing industry. Whether it's learning to tie seriously long streamers or perfecting epoxied Surf Candies or silicone-finned squids for stripers and blues, "Pop Fleyes" will have fly tyers everywhere re-imagining their craft.


    - The definitive examination of Bob Popovics' research, approach, and techniques for saltwater fly tying

    - Lucidly written by Popovics' long-time fly fishing compatriot, Ed Jaworowski

    - Beautifully photographed and clearly illustrated throughout all 121 pages

    - Learn the innovative techniques needed to tie everything from Bob's Banger to the Shady Lady Squid

    - You'll be thinking about fly designing like Bob Popovics in no time thanks to the nearly obsessive introductory discussion of predatory game fish and their prey

    - A great discussion of materials and tools will set up any fly tyer for success in tying Popovics' most effective saltwater fly patterns

    - Detailed fly fishing tips are included from start to finish so you'll understand how to cast, strip, and set all of the flies you'll see in this fantastic book

    - Published in 2001 by Stackpole Books, a leader in the outdoor sports print and publishing market

    - 450 color photos

    - 30 instructional drawings

    - ISBN-13: 978-0811712477

    From the Back Cover

    "In Spring 1990, a series of innovative and devastatingly effective flies appeared in a leading fly tying magazine. They were dubbed 'Pop Fleyes,' a spelling that incorporated part of their creator's name with the fact that eyes were a significant element in his designs, and they were to revolutionize saltwater fly tying'

    Innovation with a purpose is the theme of Popovics' work. He has always been a keen observer of fish behavior - in particular, of game fish and their prey - and his patterns reflect this knowledge. Knowing that attacking game fish focus on the eyes of baitfish, for example, he began putting large, realistic eyes on his flies'

    This is the first and only reference on the work of Bob Popovics. Written and photographed by his lifelong fishing companion, Ed Jaworowski, it shows in full color and exquisite detail every step in the creation of Popovics' classic patterns, explains nuances of technique and construction, and offers a wealth of fishing tips."

    Leland on Pop Fleyes

    If you want to master modern saltwater fly tying, there are a few "must read" books on the market, and "Pop Fleyes" by Ed Jaworoski and Bob Popovics is most certainly near the top of this short list. The writing is clear, the instructions are clearer, and the results will truly knock your wet wading socks off! This book has it all; from Popovics' ingenious "double vise" tying method to the creative use of epoxy and silicone to produce strikingly realistic translucency and profile, as well as the addition of realistic eyes to entice strikes from aggressive game fish, you'll be amazed to see your own approach to saltwater fly tying change, shift, and grow before your eyes. Bob Popovics is truly a mad genius in saltwater fly tying, and when he started creating his very first lengthy mossbunker patterns and epoxied flies in the 1970s and '80s, saltwater flyrodders throughout the Northeastern United States stood up and took notice. With the help of Ed Jaworoski's lucid writing and crystal clear photography, this fantastic resource details the approach, use of materials and tools, and progressive tying techniques that put the "Pop" in the Popovics name. If you're headed to the surf for stripers, blues, and albacore, there's no better way to prepare than by filling your fly box to the brim with a wicked selection of Pop Fleyes.

    About Bob Popovics

    "Bob Popovics is a member of the Fly Fishing Hall of Fame, founding member of the Atlantic Saltwater Flyrodders, contributing editor for Fly Fishing in Salt Waters, and creator of several fly tying videos. He owns and operates the Shady Rest restaurant in Bayville, New Jersey, with his wife Alexis."

    About Ed Jaworoski

    "Ed Jaworowski is an internationally known fly fishing author and casting instructor. He is the author of two previous books, The Cast and Troubleshooting the Cast, and is a veteran fly fishing columnist, photographer, and speaker. He is an assistant professor of Classical Studies at Villanova University."

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