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    Rio Fluoroflex Plus 100% Fluorocarbon Tippet, 1X

    Item: 2145
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    Price: $14.95
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    Leland on Rio FluoroFlex Plus Tippet

    This exceptional tippet material is made of 100% fluorocarbon (polyvinylidenfluoride). FluoroFlex Plus is the strongest and thinnest fluorocarbon on the market with an incredible strength to diameter ratio! FluoroFlex Plus is slightly softer than regular FluoroFlex but with the same refractivity index, which is lower than traditional nylon and almost invisible to fish.
    • Length: 30 yds. per spool
    • Tip Diameter: 0X - 0.011, 1X - 0.010, 2X - 0.009, 3X - 0.008, 4X - 0.007, 5X - 0.006, 6X - 0.005, 7X - 0.004
    • Breaking Strength: 0X - 16.5lbs, 1X - 14.5lbs, 2X - 12.5, 3X - 9.2lbs, 4X - 7lbs, 5X - 5lbs, 6X - 3.6lbs, 7X - 2.4lbs
    • Color: Clear
    Leland on RIO Fly Lines Jim Vincent and his team of fly fishing experts have been manufacturing the most functionally creative fly lines at RIO for the past 20 years. From depth, distance, wind, visibility, extreme heat, or extreme cold, the RIO team has considered every factor that presents itself to the fly fishing experience and come up with innovative fly line solutions to overcome the trials of any environment. In terms of the unique challenges presented by every fish, RIO has specifically developed fly lines to optimize presentation, whether it's delicate precision or powerhouse delivery you're seeking. Experience drives innovation at RIO-the fly line design team at RIO has spent countless hours on the water, testing and perfecting their fly fishing products to provide you with the most sophisticated fly lines on the market.