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    C&F: Large Waterproof Box, Off White, CF-3308

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    Price: $49.95
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    Leland on the CF 12-Compartment 8-Row, Large Waterproof Fly Box

    Don't you just love combos; be it Mickey D's meals or more importantly your fly box. When it comes to fly boxes nothing touches the CF Design Micro Slit Foam strips and compartment combos and the 8-row 12-compartment large waterproof fills the small flier's dinner platter. When it comes to holding small flies it's hard to beat the individual compartments of the CF boxes and when you added in the 8 rows of patented Micro-Slit Foam you'll have a fly box that covers all the bases from tiny nymphs to #12 caddis dry flies. This box can be your dry fly and dropper box, it can be an all wet fly box, it can just about anything you need it to be, so fill CF 8-Row, Compartment Large Waterproof Fly Box with any combo of dries and wets and hit the river, we'll be waiting!
    • Waterproof silicone tube gasket
    • Rugged ABS construction
    • Solid locking mechanism
    • Non-slip grip
    • 12 compartments for small flies
    • 8 rows of Micro-Slit Foam on lid, perfect choice for size #12- #18
    • Holds up to 190 flies in the rows along
    • Size: 7.75" x 4.48" x 1.65" (19.7cm x 11.4cm x 4.2cm)
    • Color: Off white
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