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    Loop Goran Andersson 6120-4 Ultimate Steelhead, with Tips

    Item: GASSOUT6120WM
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    The Ultimate Steelhead Double Hand Outfit

    Father of the underhand cast and designer to many of Sage's first Spey rods, this fly rod is Göran's Andersson's best work to date. His 12' 6/7 weight fly rod is perfectly at home on steelhead rivers like the Deschutes, Grande Ronde, John Day, Rogue, Trinity and the Klamath. It's got plenty of casting power to turn over larger flies like Scott Howell's Squidro, yet still is enjoyable when skating dries, like the Ska-opper or classic wet flies, but it still has the power to land big fish. In fact it's the favored rod at Bulkley River Lodge in British Columbia. This rod can really do it all.

    We've gone all out by including Göran's favorite reel, the Loop Opti Runner. This fully-machined, ultra-large arbor fly reel serves up faster line retrieve and a consistent drag setting for the sealed drag system. It balances perfectly with Göran's 6120-4 fly rod. To round out the line system, we've paired it up with a Loop running line and Airflo's Skagit Compact head (450 grain), for the ultimate in casting performance and fishing function. This outfit also comes complete with Airflo's new Flo sink tip kit. There's a sink tip in the included mesh wallet for just about any fishing condition you might encounter.

    • Rod: Loop GASS (Goran Andersson Signature Series)
    • Length: 12'
    • Line Rating: 6/7
    • Pieces: 4
    • Weight: 6.3 oz.
    • Reel: Loop Opti Runner
    • Diameter: 115mm.
    • Spool Width: 25mm
    • Weight: 205 grams
    • Capacity: 185 yd. #20 backing, 115 ft. #35 Slickshooter, 10.5 meter head
    • Line System: For Steelhead
    • Head: Airflo Skagit Compact 450 grain
    • Tips: Airflo Flo Sink Tip Kit
    • Running Line: Loop Running Line 0.029
    • Backing: #20 braided Dacron, 185 yds.
      Reviewer Title Date Comments Rating
      Favorite Outfit 2/27/2014 10:50 am My head was spinning with all the two handed fly rod options, not to mention reels and line systems. It was refreshing to run into a fully-packaged outfit ready to cast and fish. It's not cheap, but it's turn key and I've been enjoying my casting and catching every since. I use it on all the western waters as well as BC. It's an incredible outfit and I highly recommend it.