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    Loop Cross S1 Steelhead Swing Fly Fishing Outfit

    Item: CROSSOUT7120
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     The Loop Cross S1 Steelhead Double Hand Solution has everything you need to get catching steelhead.

    The 12 foot #7 double hand fly rod is made from the finest-available
    graphite blends.  Our component package is spot on...but more
    importantly our rod is perfectly balanced, true-tracking and very
    efficient to cast.  This outfit includes the  Loop Opti
    Speedrunner, which fully-machined, anodized and with a sealed-drag
    system.  The GDC Double-Hand Shooting Head, #7, will help you deliver your fly across the river.
    Rod:  Loop Cross S1 7120-4

    Reel:  Loop Opti Speedrunner Reel

    Line:  Loop GDC Double Hand Shooting Head, #7

    Shooting Line:  Loop Runner Running Line, 0.032inch

    Steelhead Spey Rod

    A visit to the Leland store and I found Loop’s steelhead swing fly fishing outfit from James. The rod has the perfect length and weight and is easy in hand. The team there helped me to try several kinds of casts. The rod is perfectly balanced with a Loop opti reel, which has a sealed drag system and a huge large arbor. This outfit helps me to enjoy the art of spey fishing, even when the fishing is slow. It’s been 2 seasons, and the outfit is still in very good shape and has never given me any trouble. Thus buying this has been one of the best investments in fly fishing I have made to date. I recommend this to whoever wants to enjoy steelhead spey fly fishing.