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    Loon Aquel Premium Floatant, .5oz

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    Leland on Loon Aquel Dry Fly Floatant

    • For keeping bugs on the surface, and keeping trout looking up, pick up a couple bottles of Loon Aquel Dry Fly Floatant. Silicon based and environmentally safe, Loon Aquel is, we think, the best fly floatant available. When rubbed into the hackles and body of your dry fly, Loon Aquel will help the fly retain its buoyancy, even on broken rapids and pourovers.
    Loon Aquel Dry Fly Floatant

      • Net wt: 1/2 oz
      • Silicon based dry fly floatant
      • Works well in hot and cold conditions alike
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      Keeps them on top! 7/15/2013 3:31 pm I have tried several types of floatant and have settled on Loon Aquel. I first work some into the hackles of my dries and then follow up throughout the day with the Loom Top Ride. Keeps my bugs happy and on top until Mr. Trout comes along.