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    Leland, New Zealand - Trout Fly Line, 5wt

    Item: Leland NZ Trout WF5F
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    Leland New Zealand Trout Fly Line, 5wt

    At Leland, we believe there's always a right tool for the job. We design fly rods, reel and fly lines for specific angling situations to maximize your experience while on the water. But sometimes, we must design a product for general purpose situations. That's exactly what we've done with our Leland New Zealand Trout fly line.

    Knowing that some anglers might choose to travel their trout waters with just one fly fishing outfit, we worked hard to develop a fly line that would allow you the ability to cast and fish successfully, whether dry fly, nymph or streamer fishing. Our hard work in design and testing resulted in our New Zealand Trout fly line.

    Without getting too technical, our all-purpose New Zealand Trout fly line has just the right amount of head length for efficient casting, the right taper to deftly alight a dry fly, yet still power over a bead-headed woolly bugger. Our line's rear taper is extended for effortless mends when nymph fishing. In short this fly line is the one to choose when you're only taking one fly line to the dance. It's also specifically designed to be cast on our Leland Rod Co. New Zealand Trout fly rod.

    • Line Weights: 2-weight through 6-weight
    • Loops: Front and Back
    • Type of Taper: Weight Forward Floating
    • Head Length: 46’ to 50’
    • Total Length: 90-100 ft
    • Core: Braided multifilament nylon
    • Coating: Super Floatation Technologies
    • Color: Moss head with Gold running line/ Melon head with grey running line
    Reviewer Title Date Comments Rating
    Good all around line 4/4/2014 2:18 pm Just needed a new fly line. Too many choices for me these days. Spoke with Casey at Leland. Told him what I fish for and how I like to rig. He recommended this line and I trusted him. Turned out to be a great fly line. No problems at all.