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    Leland Rod Co - Streamer Fly Selection

    Item: Streamer Selection
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    New to streamer fishing for trout? That's OK, you can be honest with us. You've heard of streamer flies, you've heard you can catch the biggest trout in your waters with a just don't know where to start. Right-o, now that we got that out of the way, let us at Leland get you your wish. We've assembled 30 of our favorite, big-trout-catching streamer patterns and loaded them into our Leland Rod Co. Streamer fly box. Now you can show up with the confidence that you've got the right offering in your streamer fly box. We intentionally only fill one side of our fly boxes, so you can visit your local fly shop and add more secret streamers (and fly fishing information) to your angling life. Soon enough, you'll be a streamer casting, big-fish-catching expert.
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