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    Leland, New Zealand - Spring Creek Fly Line, 3wt

    Item: Leland NZ WF3F
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    Leland New Zealand Spring Creek Fly Line 3wt

    Spring Creeks are unique waters for sure. With a constant flow of cold, clear water, spring creeks create a habitat where trout and the insects they feed on flourish. It's in this very consistent environment that trout become well-educated. A wary trout in the gin-clear, slow-moving waters of a spring creek is unhurried and will inspect every offering with great suspicion. To be successful in this environment a fly angler must have the correct fly line.

    Our Leland New Zealand Spring Creek Fly Line is just such a line. With a softer coating, our line is buttery smooth allowing for lower-line-speed casts. Our line's gentle taper will land your longer leader and fly with the utmost subtly. When on the water, our line sits proud atop the water, reducing line drag and extending your natural drift.

    When you cast our Leland New Zealand Spring Creek Fly Line (especially on our Leland Rod Co. New Zealand Spring Creek fly rod), you'll finally understand how important the right fly line is for casting efficiency and enjoyment...not to mention fishing function.  

    • Line Weights: 3-weight through 6-weight
    • Loops: Front and Back
    • Type of Taper: Weight Forward Floating
    • Head Length: 46’ to 50’
    • Total Length: 90-100 ft
    • Core: Braided multifilament nylon
    • Coating: Super Floatation Technologies
    • Color: Moss head with Gold running line/ Melon head with grey running line
    Reviewer Title Date Comments Rating
    Great line! 4/4/2014 1:55 pm Wanted a line for super spooky fishing. Figured spring creek fishing is close to what I'm doing. Found this fly line and looked for reviews...really couldn't find much online. I called Leland and talked to a cool gal who knew her stuff. She told me if I didn't like the fly line I could send it back. Pretty easy. I've been fishing with it now for almost a season and my long leaders are turning over my little flies like a champ.