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    Scott Howell: Ska-Opper, 2

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    Leland on Scott Howell's Ska-Opper

    Steelhead aren't bass. This everyone knows. But believe it or not, they'll hit a popping bug, and HARD, if you fish it right.
    A few anglers, beginning with Scott himself, are beginning to fish the
    Ska-Opper on steelhead streams from California to BC. On Scott's
    homewater, the North Umpqua of southern Oregon, this fly is hands-down
    the best way to find fish from June to September. By drawing
    aggressive fish from their lies in almost any water type, the Ska-Opper
    provides what has to be the most exciting way to fish for steelhead. No mere trout rise, steelhead explode on the Ska-Opper!
    • Steelhead Guru Scott Howell ties this fly for chugging on a tight swung line in the summer months
    • With a foam back, a deer hair body, and a gurgler-style lip, this fly is incredibly buoyant and throws a spout of water when chugged
    • Hot, aggressive steelhead will explode on it, leaving you speechless
    • Quick, sharp raises of the rod tip best chug this fly across a run
    • Fish with a clench knot, a loop knot, or a riffle hitch
    • Feel the weight of the fish before you lift into it
    • SIZES 2 and 4
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