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    Airflo's Scandinavian Compact Head, 450 grain

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    Also commonly known as a Compact Scandi spey head or shooting head, the
    Airflo Scandinavian Compact fly line is ideal for summer two handed
    fishing in the Pacific Northwest, or any time you need to cover a lot of
    water in your search for active anadromous (sea run) or potadromous
    (lake run) fish.  The Scandinavian Compact two handed shooting head is
    the perfect line for slinging a Silver Hilton during summer mornings on
    the Umpqua, or fall evenings on the Deschutes River.
    • Fly Line Density: Floating
    • Fly Line Taper: Short powerful head, single taper
    • Running Line Length: running line sold separately
    • Core: Low stretch ‘Power Core’
    • Coating: Ultra supple Polyfuse XT Polyurethane
    • Color: Pale Blue