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At Leland Rod Company, we recognize why most people fly fish.  It's simply an excuse to find yourself in beautiful places making beautiful casts.  At its root is therapy.  For this reason, we offer our Sierra Nevada Glass outfit.  Using the "yester-year" material of fiberglass and modifying the taper and wall thickness of the blank, we've designed a fly rod that speaks to you though its comfortable action and slower casting tempo, yet still provides ample casting performance and accuracy.     

Leland Fly Rod Company's Sierra Nevada Glass...for those with soul.
Keep your favorite flies within easy reach at all times. Turns every ball cap into a fly box.
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desc::Keep your favorite flies within easy reach at all times. Turns every ball cap into a fly box.
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Leland's Nature Boy Hatch Patch: Flies Not Included

Turn your favorite ball cap into a fly box.

If you fly fish, you probably already own a fly box or two (or seven). Yet when we fish, we commonly only use several of our favorite patterns during our day on the water. Losing or changing a fly pattern typically means digging through our vest or pack to find the right fly box and pick out a new bug. Not anymore. Leland's Nature Boy Hatch Patch is here!

It's pretty simple. Most of us wear our favorite, lucky ball cap when fishing. Sure you can stick a fly or two in it already, but two things to remember: Firstly, you're ruining your favorite lid and secondly...good luck pulling that hook out without wrecking your bug. The Nature Boy Hatch Patch fixes everything, protecting your favorite ball cap from utter destruction, while keeping your favorite fly patterns within easy reach.

Without getting overly detailed, the patented Leland Nature Boy Hatch Patch is smartly designed out of a super-tough, preformed resin. With lipped tabs, it easily slides onto your ball cap's bill for a secure fit. On top sits a layer of high-density foam that holds your flies in place, yet allows for easy removal of your favorite bug.

Now when you want to hit the evening hatch in shorts and flip flops, you'll have your favorite flies at the ready. Jump out of the skiff and wade after a skinny-water school of bones, you'll have your favorite flies with you. It's even great for younger anglers who will need a fly or two and want to feel independent.

To review...Leland's Nature Boy Hatch Patch will keep your favorite ball cap in top form and your flies just where you want them. When you're done fishing, just slide the Hatch Patch of your cap and you'll actually look like a normal person...not that strange guy with fake bugs in his hat.

Note: Us anglers at Leland have field tested the Nature Boy Hatch Patch for two seasons now. We love it and use it every time we fish. Get one for yourself, your angling buddy, your kid, your neighbor's kid, and if your boss fly fishes...well, you know. Oh, and if you don't already have one, pick up a Leland's Nature Boy Lanyard. It's loaded with all the tools you need to fish. With a loaded Hatch Patch and Lanyard, you can just about fish anywhere!

featdesc::Each Hatch Patch is made by Keith himself in the USA.
  • Fits virtually every ball cap style
  • Easily installed and removed
  • Secure fit, won't fall off
  • Won't harm cap bill
  • Holds more flies than you'll need
  • Produced on the finest German and American machinery
  • Manufacturer's 100% satisfaction guarantee

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