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    Sonoma Emerger Fly Rod, Tip Section, Blue

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    Even though our Sonoma Emerger fly rods are designed to be very resilient, they can break.  Pack an extra tip for your next trip.  In the event of a rod break, your child will be back to casting in no time at all.
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      Sonoma Emerger Fly Fishing Outfit 7/8/2013 9:50 am I have watched my friends finding immense joy in the fly fishing sport and it was after retirement that I decided to join an anglers club. Given my physical condition, I could not commit high levels of energy… the energy that you would require to master better casting techniques. And that’s the reason why I was reluctant to pay for high-end equipments. I thank my colleague for helping me find the perfect fly fishing gear. I find it convenient to use the 7 feet, 9 inches fly rod and I have definitely learnt some of the skills of the dry fly technique. I can easily use the rod-action to get my fly to the position where I want to and it worked well with the trout in the medium-sized stream located in my area. The Sonoma Emerger Fly Fishing Combo is making me enjoy my youthful days and I look forward to giving a tough competition to the kids out there.