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    Sonoma Emerger Fly Fishing Outfit 7' 9" #4, Blue

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    The Leland Sonoma Emerger:

    "The best kid's fly fishing rod and reel outfit on the block. Your little one will be casting darts!"

    Nothing is more spectacular than 
    the glimmer in a kid's eye when they hook their first fish, and the 
    Leland Sonoma Emerger 7ft 9in 4wt Fly Rod Combo is there to deliver 
    the magic time after time. It's more than just a youth fly rod and 
    reel, it's an initiation to a pastime that will last a lifetime.

    keeping with Leland's standard for excellence, the Sonoma Emerger is 
    built to stand up to the wear and tear that comes with learning to 
    fly fish and mastering tight loops. Featuring a convenient four piece 
    construction, the Leland Sonoma Emerger Youth Fly Fishing Combo 
    travels easily in its matching blue rod and reel case.

    The package 
    includes a fly rod, fly reel, fly line and backing, and rod and reel 
    case, meaning the sooner you get the Leland Sonoma Emerger 7ft 9in
    4wt into a young fly fisher's hands, the sooner you'll have a fishing 
    buddy to teach you a thing or two.

    Of all the outdoor activities you can share with your child, fly fishing arguably is the easiest. Even on day one, minute one, your child will be wearing a big grin while fishing with you. No bait necessary, just some fake bugs. Put them in the water, where the fish are, and it's darn-near inevitable a fish will be caught. Start with panfish (perch) in a small farm pond. Catch a few and your child's confidence will grow. Next, you're off to a trout stream.

    Start a family tradition of fly fishing together. Create meaningful memories that will last a lifetime and do it with our Leland Sonoma Emerger Fly Fishing Outfit. You won't regret a thing.

    Far too often kid's fly fishing equipment is gimmicky with foam handles and crazy graphics. No corners were cut when designing our Emerger outfit. From our fly rod's youth-sized cork grip to our Leland "Pliny" fly line (a $60 value), nothing was done on the cheap. Why? Because your kid should have as much fun as you when fly fishing.

    Truth be told, this little outfit will probably become your favorite small stream trout's that good. Good luck getting it back from Junior, though. He or she will like it just as much as you will. 

    • Line Size: 4
    • Length: 7 feet 9 inches
    • Sections: 4
    • Blank color: Blue
    • Reel Seat: Single-Uplocking Black Anodized Aluminum
    • Guides: Chrome-plated light wire stainless steel
    • Handle: Proprietary Leland Squeeze Grip
    • Action: Adaptive, Fast

    Perfect first rod!

    I saw the Leland team at our local Fall Festival and they showed my entre family how to fly cast. Both my boys (age 6 and 8) had so much fun, that we went down to their ranch, and picked up two outfits! They taught my kids how to cast with these rods in minutes, and I've been spending the past couple years trying to do it. Perfect outfit for any kid that wants to fish (and parents too).


    Not just for kids!

    I bought this for my eleven year old son. After show him the ropes of fly casting I realized that this was a pretty nice combo. While he was away visiting his grandparents I took it out and fished it on one of our local creeks. Needless to say, I bought a second one for myself!


    2 Outfits

    Keith, Thanks do much for getting the Emerger Outfits to us by my daughter's birthday fishing outing. She is thrilled by her new PINK outfit. I'm thrilled by the quality of the whole package, including the seet sounding Diesel Reel! Thanks, Rex. p.s. fish was released unharmed..

    Rex Kim


    Good fly fishing outfit Sonoma Emerger

    I see my father as an avid fly fisherman who can readily adapt to the new equipments that he uses. I also wanted to be like him and enjoy some great moments with the stars. My father recommended the Sonoma Emerger Fly Fishing Combo for me and I discovered how easy it was to cast a fly and land a brookie. The 7 feet, 9 inches fly rod is light enough for me to handle and the solid grip that it offers helps me to practice casting over and over… untiringly. The combo features a fast-action fly rod, a 4-wt fly line, fly reel, backing, and a reel case and I am sure that even an experienced fly fisherman can optimally use this starter kit to maximize the benefits of his practice sessions. I am perfectly happy with my performance and I feel assured that the material quality will allow me to continue with the kit till I decide on the time for an upgrade.


    Fly Fishing Outfit

    I have been in the fly fishing game for quite a number of years and today, I have acquired some popularity as an instructor. New entrants ask me about the best starter kit and I give my recommendations on the basis of my own personal experiences. I have used the Sonoma Emerger Fly Fishing Outfit for over two years and have found that the rod, reel, and the line worked in perfect harmony so as to produce fast action and high performance. It’s true that what works for me may not work the same way for others. The weight of the rod and the line was the primary factor that led me to recommend the kit as a “starter set” to my young students. I noticed that my students could target the desired spots through appropriate movements of the rod and I realized that they too could experience the ease-of-use. Now that they are getting to work on their casting techniques, my responsibility has gone a step further to guide them on fly choice on the basis of water and weather conditions. The kit has succeeded to keep the basics right.


    Sonoma Emerger Fly Fishing Outfit

    The Sonoma Emerger Fly Fishing Outfit came as a birthday gift from my wife. The bright blue case immediately drew my attention and I knew that I should expect something great inside. It’s the fly fishing combo that I have dreamt to buy ever since I saw it in Leland Fly Shop. The outfit was originally made for kids, but Keith at the store told me that I should cast it. When I tried it at the Leland Fly Shop I fell in love with the action. It’s been a year that I have discovered fly fishing as an engaging pastime and to be honest, I do not know much about similar products. But from my personal experiences, I can say that this was the best gift I have ever received. I could prove myself as a better caster in front of my friends and I could back my skills with visible results. I was the first one to hook a rainbow and with this, I sparked surprises. Once, twice, thrice… I was able to make the most out of my fly fishing experiences. The 7 feet-9 inches long fast action rod works well on medium-sized streams and the premium quality line, reel, and backing explain the one-time investment that you need to make.


    Good fly fishing outfit Sonoma Emerger

    I am a passionate fly fisherman and I do not hesitate to make heavy investments when it comes to the purchase of premium quality gear. So far, I have invested thousands of dollars on fly fishing equipments and to my surprise, I have found most of them to be junk and suitable for use as artifacts in my living room. This time, I came across the Sonoma Emerger Fly Fishing combo in Amazon and thought of giving it a try. A decent price tag and a combo that comes with quality assurance incited me to place an order one more time. I have a plus point- I can quickly adapt to the use of new rods and reels and perhaps, this is the reason why I do not hesitate to experiment with new products. The day I used the combo for the first time, I realized that this set can be successfully used by beginners as well. I could hold the rod with maximum convenience and was able to comfortably cast the flies in an appropriate manner and could reach the intended spots. The length of the rod allowed me to cover a larger section of the water and the lightweight fly line helped me to practice some previously acquired dry fly techniques. Now I feel that it’s good to trust your instincts.