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    Leland, Custom - Dry Fly Line, 4wt - Olive

    Item: Leland Custom WF4F
    Colors Available:
    Sizes Available:
    Availability: In Stock Ready to Fish. Ships Next Business Day.
    Price: $59.95
    Special Price: $59.95

    Leland New Zealand Dry Fly Line, 4wt

    If fly fishing for trout could be reduced to its purest essence, it would have to be dry fly fishing. Casting a near-weightless dry fly celebrates the defining attribute of our sport...the cast. After an efficient and accurate cast, your dry fly floats proudly on the water's surface as you anticipate the inevitable moment when a trout breaks the water's surface for your offering.

    To truly enjoy a day of dry fly fishing for trout, you must have the right fly line. Our Leland New Zealand Dry Fly Line is the answer. With its smooth taper, it efficiently carries your fly and delivers it with astonishing accuracy and subtlety. Our line's coating is a bit softer than most “performance” fly lines manufactured these days. The result is a fly line that casts like butter and adds a level of enjoyment to every cast during your day.

    Nothing beats a day spent casting dry flies...especially when the trout a looking up. Add the right fly line and life just gets that much better. Add the right fly rod (Leland Rod Co.'s New Zealand Dry Fly) and you'll celebrate each and every magical cast.

    • Line Weights: 3-weight through 6-weight
    • Loops: Front and Back
    • Type of Taper: Weight Forward Floating
    • Head Length: 46’ to 50’
    • Total Length: 90-100 ft
    • Core: Braided multifilament nylon
    • Coating: Super Floatation Technologies
    • Color: Moss head with Gold running line


    Bought this after getting a Leland email last week, had it 2-day shipped for a quick day trip and I'm sold. My Echo feels so much better now. Wish it came in white like their other line but I'll get use to the stealthiness.




    Butter-smooth fly line!

    Lots of line choices out there for sure, but I stumbled into this line via a good friend. He just told me to buy it and go fishing. Glad I did, as this line is enjoyable to cast and great for super light presentations to spooky fish. If you're a dry fly guy (I am), you'll want to add this line to your list. Good luck.





    I'm getting tired of all the hyped up, micro-textured performance fly lines these days. I've owned them and they're way too stiff and some noisey. Talked with Leland and they recommended this line for me. Gotta say it's really smooth to cast. It's got a very subtle presentation and floats nice. Nothing wrong here.