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    Sonoma Steelhead Fly Fishing Outfit

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    Leland Rod Co. Summer Steelhead 12' #6, 4-piece Fly Fishing Outfit:

    It's always summer in California!

    Even when chasing winter steelhead in 
    California, a complete, balanced and efficient-casting summer steelhead outfit is the best solution. Rivers like our Trinity, 
    Klamath, American,Yuba, Feather and Russian are best-suited for 
    two-handed fly fishing outfits on the lighter side, just like this

    Rod: 12 foot 6 weight, 4-piece

    Reel: British Columbia Sea Run

    Line 1: 390 grain Scandi Compact

    Line 2: 450 grain Skagit Switch

    Sink Tips: Light and Heavy

    Running Line: Airflo Ridge #20

    You can call this our California home
    water outfit, but don't's also perfect for rivers like 
    Oregon's Rogue, Deschutes and Grand Ronde. Any classic steelhead 
    river is calling for an outfit like this.

    If you're new to two-handed fly
    fishing, you can't go wrong with this outfit. It's ready to cast and 
    fish right out of the box. If you already own two-handed outfit or 
    two, this outfit would be a fine compliment to your collection. Our 
    bet is that it will become your new favorite.

    With Leland's Sonoma Summer Steelhead 
    outfit, you can skate dries and swing classic wet flies on a Scandi 
    head, yet still reserve the ability to cast larger, heavier flies on 
    a Skgit head with sink tips, should the conditions require. It's 
    perfectly-balanced and makes every cast so'll want to 
    cast and fish even more.

    Most fly rod companies pitch the latest 
    performance materials or a new resin system, hoping this technology 
    might entice you. At Leland Rod Co., of course we use the best 
    materials and components, but our main focus is on balance and 
    efficiency. Done correctly, the right line system, fly rod and fly 
    reel make the whole greater than the sum of parts. That's what we've 
    done with this outfit.

    At Leland Rod Co. we don't care what a 
    fly rod weighs...we care where it weighs. In other words, a 
    well-balanced outfit will feel like the lightest outfit you've ever 
    cast...and this is one extremely well-balanced, two-handed outfit. 
    Since a fly rod is just an amplifier, a more efficient fly rod makes 
    casting that much easier...and this kit is extremely efficient.

    Stop wasting time wondering which rod, 
    which reel, which line system might work. We've done all the work for 
    you with our Leland Rod Co. Sonoma Summer Steelhead outfit, insuring 
    everything works perfectly together. It's literally ready to cast and 
    fish on day one. Just let us know which hand you want to reel with 
    and we'll professionally rig up your new favorite two-handed,
    steelhead outfit.

    Catching a steelhead on any fly rod is 
    fun. Earning your steelhead with an efficient cast and swing with our 
    Sonoma Summer Steelhead outfit is a memorable moment. It might be
    high time for you enjoy an experience like this.

    • Rod: Sonoma Steelhead, 12' 6 Weight, 4-Piece
    • Rod Tube: Cordura-covered
    • Reel: Leland Reel Co. Sea Run
    • Line 1: 390 grain Scandi Compact
    • Line 2: 450 grain Skagit Compact
    • Sink Tips: Light and Heavy
    • Running Line: #20
    • Leaders: 1 Scandi, 1 Skagit

    Hooked on spey!

    My first experience with a two handed rod was with this one last winter. I swung for steelhead with this exact outfit Casey put together and although I didn't catch anything that day the casting was most enjoyable compared to nymphing. If you ever wanted to try a spey rod this one is the best, I've tried others since then and they're heavier, stiffer and take more patience. I go back to this rod and it flexes deep and casts amazing.



    Been trying lots of two handed fly rods at shops. Lots to try. Called Leland and got some great info. Bought this outfit with the guarantee that I could send it back after inspection. Super smoothing casting...easy! Can't wait for the Deschutes trip coming up.