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    Florida Keys Permit Fly Fishing Outfit

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    To arrive fully-prepared for your permit fishing trip, you better bring two things...your casting skills and our Florida Keys Permit Outfit.  Knowing now tough it is to catch a permit, everything counts.  Accurate casts at controlled distances are achievable with our well balanced Florida Keys Permit fly rod.  It's built for a life in the salt with all the right components and will make casting more pleasant...even if the fish are testing your patience.  An extra fly rod tip is included in this outfit, as one can never guess what might occur on a permit excursion.  The right fly line is critical to casting performance and fishing function and that's why we chose Airflo's Ridge Tarpon (permit) fly line.  Easy loading, fast casting and super tough, you'll love this fly line.  We've loaded it up on one of the most unique fly reels on the market, Loop Tackle's Opti Speedrunner.  This ultra-large arbor has the ability to quickly pick up fly line when a permit turns your way and it's fully-sealed drag system needs no tuning on a trip.  Wrap up this outfit with the correct, tapered leader and you're ready to hunt the elusive permit.
    • Rod: Florida Keys Permit, 9' #10 4-Piece
    • Extra Tip:  For Florida Keys Permit
    • Rod Tube: Painted aluminum
    • Line:  Airflo's Ridge Tarpon, WF10
    • Leader:  Rio's 9' 16lb
    Reviewer Title Date Comments Rating
    Tarpon to Permit 12/16/2013 12:39 pm Tarpon and permit are my favorites and this rod does both. In fact my fishing expedition is incomplete unless I get one of each. 2 seasons back I was in need of another good fly rod. I ordered the Leland Permit rod from Burke, based on some online reviews. This solution is really great. I could chase the willful permit with crab flies with ease. The matched line is excellent for quick pick up and helps to change directions without any problem. Fly fishing with a Loop Reel is so fun. . . I call it my permit winch. This product experience has made me a lifetime customer of Leland.
    Learn to Cast 9/18/2013 4:52 pm I have been a fly fisherman for 20 years and have explored a wide range of waters and faced different conditions and climates while fly fishing various species in various regions of the country. Each experience was unique and taught me new things. In one such occasion, I was required to improve my skills at saltwater fly fishing so I would have a chance to catch a permit. It was a species that I had never targeted before. I took a class with Leland at their Ranch and got dialed in with my cast. Additionally, I learning that choosing the perfect gear to complement my better casting need to be designed to work together for the exact application I was to travel half way around the world for. I did some research myself and came across a lot of options just to find myself confused at the end of the day. Finally, it was Burke at the Leland Fly Shop who advised me after my leasson to try out the Leland Florida Keys Permit Outfit. With everything in permit fishing looking so “new”, I did not expect instant success. I was wrong. It did not take much time to discover that I could adapt to the use of the Permit Outfit within a few minutes with their Leland seven minuet practice session. Now the challenge was to accurately track the fish’s behavior and movements. I no longer had to think about the casting. I really had learnt to make the most out of the ergonomic grip, rod-length, rod action, and the optimal rod-reel-line-leader-fly combo. The no-stretch line hooked and cast very well. The reel really offered a smooth drag and allowed me to land a big fish. Yes, I could catch Permit in my first saltwater fishing adventure. Practice makes perfect and I learnt to practice perfectly… untiringly. I thank Burke for his suggestion and I believe that it is one of my best investments that I have ever made in my fly fishing journey, both the casting class and the balanced gear.