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    Florida Keys Bonefish Fly Fishing Outfit

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    A well-designed bonefish outfit must be able to cast at all distances with accuracy, as you just never know where your next bonefish is coming from.  From the start, we designed our Florida Keys Bonefish outfit to maximize your experience on the flats.  Our Bonefish fly rod loads easily at all distances and offer a stable and accurate presentation of your fly.  As most bonefish trips are true adventures, you never know what lies ahead.  For this reason, we include in this outfit, an extra tip for your fly rod...just in case.  For perfect casts and a long-lasting fly line, we chose Airflo's Ridge Bonefish fly line.  It's simple our favorite, and soon to be yours.  We've rigged up this line on one of the coolest and functional fly reels available, the Loop Opti Runner.  Loop Tackle of Sweden was the first company to ever offer a large arbor fly reel.  Many other fly reel companies have copied Loop's innovation, but to date, Loop is still the best.  Of course it's fully machine and anodized and even comes with a fully-sealed, butter-smooth drag mechanism.  Wrap this outfit up with a pack of tapered bonefish leaders from Rio and all you need are a few flies.  This is it folks, the best bonefish outfit on the market!
    • Rod: Florida Keys Bonefish, 9' #8 4-Piece
    • Extra Tip:  For Florida Keys Bonefish
    • Rod Tube: Painted aluminum
    • Line:  Cortland Crystal Clear Floating WF8F
    • Leader:  Umpqua Bonefish 10' 10lb
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    excellent 12/16/2013 1:55 pm I had tried a few of Leland’s fishing outfits years ago and was quite happy with them. So when I needed a new one for bonefish fly fishing, I just had to get it from Leland. And this time too, they did not disappoint me. Their Leland Bonefish Fly fishing outfit was just great and great looking. I could very easily make quick and accurate casts at varying distances. The Loop Reel even has a sealed drag system which keeps out saltwater and is adjustable to match the power of each fish. I must conclude that like all Leland products, this too is excellent.
    Bonefish Rod 9/18/2013 3:59 pm I have been in the fly fishing sport for over 5 years and in this period, I have had the experience of using a wide variety of fly fishing gear from top as well as the less known brands. I have also come to know what really “works” while deciding on an optimal combination of rod, reel and line and so I can readily make out what a well-balanced outfit feels like within minutes of using it. The Leland Florida KeysBonefish outfit met my expectations in every aspect- the feel and the grip, the 4-piece design that facilitates portability, the built and the design, and the casting strength and efficiency. The 9-ft rod allows for effortless casting and it works really well with the Loop Opti fly reel that comes with a saltwater safe sealed drag system. The rod length and its matte finish and the no-stretch design of the 8-wt line rightfully balances my casting efforts and the reel’s smooth drag allows me to combat a large, aggressive bonefish. The outfit has an elegant look and gives you a reason to flaunt it in social situations. I would say that this is one of the best fly fishing outfits that I had ever bought in my life- ten on ten for functionality as well as elegance.
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