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    British Columbia Switch Fly Fishing Outfit

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    Leland's British Columbia Switch Outfit is the most versatile steelhead system available.  Regardless of your casting or angling technique, this outfit can do it all.  If you fish medium to larger sized rivers, you'll now have the ability to cast overhead, underhand and Spey, while swinging or dead-drifting flies.  What's more, we've done all the work, so you won't have to piece together your own switch outfit hoping that all components work together.  Included in this outfit is easily the best casting switch rod you'll ever hope to hold.  We even include an extra tip...'cause you never know what lies ahead on a true steelhead adventure.  The line system we've assembled is from Airflo and includes both a Scandi Compact head (390 grain) for your near surface presentations and of course a Skagit Compact (450 grain) to carry the larger bugs in your fly box.  Rio's Mow Tip Kit (Medium) allows you to dial in just the right sink tip for your Skagit.  All heads cast amazingly well when attached to Airflo's Ridged Running Line.  We've professionally rigged this line system on the perfect fly reel, the Leland Reel Co. British Columbia Sea Run.  Physically and aesthetically balanced for just this rod.  You'll be enjoying every cast in every situation when chasing steelhead with our British Columbia Switch Outfit.
    • Rod: British Columbia Switch, 11' #7 4-Piece
    • Extra Tip:  For British Columbia Switch Rod 
    • Rod Tube: Painted aluminum
    • Heads: Airflo's Scandi (390), Skagit (450)
    • Tips: Rio's Mow Tip KIt (Medium)
    • Running LIne:  Airflo's Ridge #20
    • Leader:  Rio's 9' 12lb (3-Pack)
    Reviewer Title Date Comments Rating
    Underhand Casting - Blew My Mind 2/3/2014 2:52 pm It’s been years that I have been buying my fishing equipments from Leland. To date I have not had any complaints, and whenever I did, the staff was good enough to address it ASAP. So when I saw Leland’s steelhead switch fly fishing outfit in the Leland Sonoma store, I did not have to think twice about the combo. And yes, I did have a great experience with this product. The rod is long yet not heavy and helps in making me an elegant caster. They gave me a quick underhand casting lesson. Blew my mind. Using two fingers to cast as far as the pro’s! Also the head system which is provided is great when it comes to loading the rod in close and delivering flies out far. I am quite satisfied with this product and will recommend it as one of the best steelhead fishing packages on the market.
    Steelhead Switch Rod 9/18/2013 11:09 am I really appreciate the strong, grip on the Leland Switch Steelhead-fishing fly rod. It not only adds value to the rod, but it also enhances the casting efficiency. I am all praise for the versatile design of this fishing rod. My 15 year old son was delighted when he could cast heavy and huge indicator rigs. This 10 ft-7wt steelhead rod scores well on versatility. I found the rod to be strong enough to balance all kinds of distance casts with tips . I can also say that it is fast becoming my favorite rod to swing flies with. I thought it was going to be for indicators and overhead casts, but not so. I will recommend this fly rod to all my friends who really want to enjoy some incredibly good steelhead fly fishing.
    Leland Rods 8/6/2013 10:59 am This Leland Switch fly rod simplified several aspects of fly fishing for me. With every use, I gradually discovered the multiple benefits of this switch fly rod. I realized that I could do nymphing, swinging, Spey casting, overhead, underhand and several other amazing things with this wonderful rod. It has wonderful details, like the grip that enables me to gain more leverage and make effortless casts. My wife is not that much into fishing, but even she could not help but compliment me for the appealing hardware and matte finish of this fly rod.
    Switch Rod Heaven 8/5/2013 4:27 pm The Leland BC Switch 7-wt, 10-ft fly rod is the best solution for those anglers who are enthusiastic about steelhead nymphing with overhead and underhand casts. I found out about this rod from my friend Matt in a nymph fishing excursion in California. I saw Matt using this rod effectively and hooking the mighty and the aggressive steelheads in an effortless way. Matt dominated that trip with all the success and the rest just seemed to be practicing their skills. When I went home, the first thing I did was to order the model through Leland. I have been using this rod for 9 months now and I have found out the secret of Matt’s success. The rod length, sturdiness, and the comfortable grip are the features that allow for efficient casts. The rod is strong enough to support the heavy indicator rigs and I can easily leverage its extra length to apply roll casting techniques effectively. It works best with a reel that features a click and pawl drag system. The next tour is coming up shortly and I believe that it will not be just another “practice match” for me!