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    British Columbia Drift Steelhead Nymph Outfit

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    Steelhead NymphingSteelhead Nymph Fishing Outfit:

    Single digit temperatures and frosty fingers will make for a longer
    than usual rigging session. You tie on a big rubber legs and a dime
    sized glo bug under an indicator because you like to actually catch
    Steelhead. A big roll cast followed by a mend gets your indicator
    drifting down the bubble line. Just as you whisper to yourself “foam is
    home” your indicator dives toward the bottom. A strong hook set and the
    fight is on!

    It's a mistake to believe that steelhead only return to larger, broader rivers.  In fact, many large steelhead return to spawn in smaller streams and rivers each season.

    In these waters, it's common that casting space is limited and to be successful, accurate casts are a requirement.  For this reason, we designed our British Columbia Drift Outfit.  Primarily designed to be the ultimate steelhead nymphing solution, we've found that this same outfit works great for single hand swinging, if the conditions allow.  Regardless, with the British Columbia Drift Outfit, you can efficiently and accurately get your fly on the mark with overhead and underhand casting techniques.  To compliment the stable and efficient rod taper, we use our Leland Custom Fly Line.  This unique fly line offers a longer weight-forward belly, which serves up smooth and powerful casts that deliver the fly exactly where you want it. 

    For physical and aesthetic balance, we've loaded this great casting line on our Leland Reel Co. Classic Drift fly reel.  Of course this reel is fully machined and anodized for a long life on the water, but more to the core, this reel looks like it was passed down from your angling mentor and soon to become a family heirloom. 

    Its simple, functional and adjustable click and pawl drag mechanism will surely slow any hard-running steelhead, while it's classic sound announces "Fish On!"

    Rad Five Start Rod

    Steelhead fishing with nymph is my passion. I was looking for a perfect fishing solution, which will not only help me catch more fish, but also help me enjoy the art of fly casting. Leland is a reliable brand, and I trust the items they sell. So when I saw Leland’s Steelhead Nymph fly fishing solution in their store, I was sure that my money is not going to the wrong product. And for three trips now, I can vouch for this product. The rod, the reel, the line – all are just excellent. The Evotec fly line has a perfect head length and can carry heavy flies to great distances. The rod 10’ is well balanced with exceptional durability; this rod is totally rad. Five star, from my side for this fishing gear.


    California Lost Coast

    Hunting for steelhead in small streams and rivers is my calling. But in order to fish in these waters an accurate cast is essential. One of my friends recommended Leland’s British Columbia Drift Fly fishing outfit for this. I went online and placed an order. I must say, the Leland guys have a very good customer care and delivery team. I got my order on time. And once I went fishing last season, I really enjoyed the experience I had with this outfit. It is crafted for narrow streams and rivers, and is very accurate. Moreover the line is butter-smooth which makes the whole fishing experience enjoyable as it delivers the fly exactly where I wanted. The click and pawl drag mechanism of the reel is another classic reason why I like this outfit. I never expected this outfit to be so good in tight spots where short swings set up by accurate casts make the difference. That is why I rate it 5/5.


    BC Drift

    I am a steelheader and I am quite eager to master nymphing techniques as well. Perhaps this is the reason why this fly rod was one of the best investments that I have ever made in fly fishing equipments. The length of the rod facilitates mending and makes roll casting effortless. I can cast large, heavy indicator rigs to the target and most importantly, I can do it untiringly. The design of the delicately handcrafted piece supports its functionalities. I really like the matte finish because it reduces reflection that may drive the targets away. The grip is made out of the finest quality cork and its shape and size promote effortless casts. The rod comes with a durable finish and this gives users the promise of longtime use. I have combined it with an 8-wt, weight forward fly line and a fly reel that comes with a click and pawl drag system. Great casts… big fights… grand catches!